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Every Small Business Needs Managed IT Services in 2024, Here Are the Reasons

Every Small Business Needs Managed IT Services in 2024, Here Are the Reasons

April 02
14:48 2024
Small businesses need to have a strong online presence. They also need efficient, secure systems that use the web and cloud. However, most small businesses don’t have the resources to hire an IT Technician. Managed IT service providers will resolve this issue. These services are more cost-effective than an internal team.

Small businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area had a boom in recent years. These small companies currently make up about 99.8% of all businesses in the state of Texas. Despite this, one in three businesses don’t even have a website. IT services are a desperate need.

More than 75% of shoppers check out a business online before they even think of buying a product or service from them. So, small businesses must keep up with the times. Otherwise, the advancing digital age will leave them behind.

IT service providers are here to tackle this very issue. Dallas businesses can get managed IT services from IT in DFW. Keep reading to learn more about how IT helps small businesses stay relevant and profitable.

Why Should Small Businesses Hire a Managed IT Services Provider?

The main obstacle for a small business is a lack of hired personnel. About eight out of ten businesses have zero or very few employees. In turn, this means that small ventures have a serious gap in IT infrastructure.

A small business needs a skilled IT technician to create and regularly update its website. E-commerce companies also require a functional and easy-to-use online store. If the customers pay through online portals, IT security is a must. Thus, IT services make a company more attractive and trustworthy to clients.

However, most small companies do not have the budget to hire a full-time IT team. This is where managed services come in. IT in DFW replaces an internal IT team in a cost-effective and convenient way.

IT in DFW customizes its IT services to match business needs. So, the small business employees will be free to focus on business goals. A team of experts will manage all the technical systems and keep them updated in the long term.

What Do Managed IT Services Include?

As a managed services provider, IT in DFW brings a host of IT services. Here is a list of the main areas where managed IT services will improve small business applications:

Network Management

IT in DFW can set up a wired or wireless network for small businesses. Managed IT services help the personnel stay connected. Network support helps them reach their clients and employees in no time.

Regulatory Compliance

Businesses that accept credit cards must meet certain network security standards. Similarly, healthcare companies must have secure managed services to get HIPAA compliance.

As a managed service provider, Ighty Support will get all systems to this level. Managed IT services include a host of cybersecurity services to make this possible


A 2024 study from Accenture found that almost half of all small businesses are the target of cyber attacks. However, only 14% of SMBs are prepared to deal with these attacks. A firewall prevents this by keeping track of everyone on the business network. Managed security services help install and manage a firewall. Thus, managed IT services safeguard proprietary data.

Cloud Services

Upgrading a business to the cloud has never been more beneficial. It saves storage space. Also, every business process becomes easier and faster. Managed IT services will help Dallas businesses move to the cloud and maintain smooth service from there.

Access Points

Smooth business communication leads to better processes. IT in DFW installs access points to keep the workforce connected. These communication hubs reduce down time and increase productivity.

Data Recovery

IT in DFW employs proactive managed services that prevent data loss before it even happens. Also, even if a business loses its important information, IT experts can perform disaster recovery solutions from any device.

Support Services

Specific managed services are helpful. However, the greatest benefit of managed IT services is having an expert on call at all times.

Business owners don’t need to panic if their software suddenly stops working or the customers report a technical issue. A 24/7 managed IT services tech will be ready to assist them. These experts can solve problems from a remote setting. They can also directly visit the office to provide on site support.

Summing Up

Managed IT services will help a company stay afloat in the digital sea. So, small business owners can get in touch with a managed IT service provider like Ighty Support. IT consulting services will cater to the exact business goals. They will improve and scale the business. These managed services help companies stay connected, speedy, and safe from cyber-crime.

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