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Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem ChainGamingX Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry

Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem ChainGamingX Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry

March 16
22:26 2023

The development team behind ChainGamingX introduces a new era of Decentralized, Democratized, Global Gaming Competition. The team of experienced developers lead by the CEO, Ricardo Casquero, have a proven track record and a history of successful ventures. Advisors like Samuel Estrada, Aldo Quintana having years of experience and known for building successful crypto projects are responsible for ensuring the quality and overall user experience.

ChainGamingX aims to become the one stop solution for the players seeking to compete, the organizers looking to host tournaments and the viewers excited for the fun. The platform, fully decentralized and democratized, will foster direct connections between players. People on the other side of the world, through ChainGamingX, can use cryptocurrency for entries into matches, tournaments, and leagues.

To get started, the tournament organizer will initiate the beginnings of a new smart contract, by selecting the game that players are going to compete in. Players in every tournament will initiate smart contracts of their own, to enter the tournament that the organizer has created. Before ever entering, players can review and verify the advertised prize pool and other details, as all the details for every tournament exist on the BSC.

ChainGaming x have devised a tournament structure that is comprehensive but straightforward. It will track the outcomes of matches as well as the running standings throughout the tournament.

One of the most exciting features of the platform, SPONSOR A PLAYER, allows a player confident of winning a tournament, to find a sponsor within the community. Sponsors enter smart contracts with players to pay their entry fees for that given tournament, that contract between each other will agree on how the prize will be split, for example 60% for the user and 40% for the sponsor, and when the players win, the sponsors automatically receive the agreed portion of the winnings.

This creates a healthy gaming environment where the players and sponsors will enjoy the benefits from each other without having to trust each other, enabled by the decentralized platform.

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