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Web 3.0 Developers Get the ‘Magical’ AI, CyberShib, for the Development of New Projects

Web 3.0 Developers Get the ‘Magical’ AI, CyberShib, for the Development of New Projects

March 16
23:45 2023
Cybershib is a pre-eminent crypto firm based on the Shibarium network that aids developers in project development and provides marketing services to startups.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being increasingly utilized by the masses and this use is not just limited to getting questions answered or writing research papers, articles, and blogs. It is also being utilized to come up with unique designs, logos, and solutions to problems faced by skilled people in different sectors. Recently, the use of this innovation was included in the crypto industry which helped yield fantastic results. AI not only provides assistance for the development of the blockchain-based projects but is also steadily culling the problems faced by developers and users in the crypto sphere.

What is Cybershib?

Cybershib is a newbie cryptocurrency firm built on the decentralized Shibarium network. The firm aspires to make web 3.0 development a piece of cake for every individual by handing over the developmental work to artificial intelligence.

Individuals planning on creating new projects simply have to enter their requirements as a command on the platform and wait for AI to do the rest of the job. Currently, users can access the firm’s website and use the AI image generator to understand how things work.

Cybershib is currently working on the launch of a Pro version platform that will provide AI assistance to developers for creating new projects on the blockchain.

The $CHI AI PRO Version

Cybershib owns a superlative AI technology that has the capability of comprehending the complex systems of blockchain and providing flawless solutions to the problems faced by developers. The AI system also responds to the needs of creators by pioneering advanced mechanisms through the use of algorithms.

The Pro version of Cybershib will aid in the creation of tokens, logos, animations, smart contracts, telegram bots, and even complete websites. Users just have to enter the description of what they exactly need.

Payment Mechanisms

Payments received by Cybershib in exchange for their services can only be in the form of $SHIB or $CHI. The firm utilizes this digital method of monetary exchange to ensure safety and transparency at all levels.

Utilization of Revenue

Cybershib believes that the prosperity of a firm lies in the well-being of its community. For this purpose, all its actions are aimed at the welfare of its users. Tokens collected as revenue will be burned by the firm. This burning mechanism will help diminish the supply of tokens. The decreased supply together with the increased demand will create surges in the token price. This in turn will help ameliorate the value of assets owned by investors.

Cybershib and its Marketing Agency

 For it to thrive a startup not only needs a strong foundation but also good marketing tactics. To facilitate new projects, Cybershib has also launched its very own marketing agency under the name of Shibarium TokensTM. This is another great utility for the firm and the revenue generated via the provision of marketing services will also be used for the betterment and development of the Cybershib platform.

Features Available on the Website

The Cybershib website provides services like telegram call channels, Twitter influencers, YouTube promotions, social media management, ads management, and graphic designs.

Renouncement of Ownership

The ownership of Cybershib was renounced as soon as the project was deployed to uphold the concept of decentralization and promote safety and transparency.

$CHI token can be traded on Shiba Swap.

Final Words

Cybershib has well-calculated assumptions about the potential of AI and how it can revolutionize the crypto industry. It thus exploits AI for the greater good of people.

Furthermore, potential investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts interested in Cybershib can visit the project’s official website or check out their social platforms for more details.


The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor) before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.

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