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A Radical Journaling System That Helps Students Set Goals and Achieve Success

A Radical Journaling System That Helps Students Set Goals and Achieve Success

March 16
20:22 2023

Constructive journaling and goal-setting just got a whole lot easier! Imagine getting a never-ending supply of free pages for your journal. Teressa Poe-Culton, founder of TSHD Lifestyle, is excited to announce the release of her fantastic new product, the NeverEnding Success Journal™, which is available for free downloads during March 2023.

The NeverEnding Success Journal™ is part of a planner and a larger goal-setting system, which Teressa offers as a course. 

Based on the 11 foundational principles as taught and explained in the Success Building BlocX™ Specific Goal Setting & Detailed Planning System, her course teaches the importance of these Principles in building a life of success & abundance.Classes start June 19th. Registration for the course opens May 19th.  The course includes the free, downloadable NeverEnding Success Journal™, a 12-month planner with the goal-setting section, a custom binder, 26-weeks of 1:1 coaching and 13-bi-weekly 1:1 sessions to help clients reach their realistic, 12-month goal and more.

Teressa was inspired to develop this course in response to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” that parents and educators often ask children. She soon realized that they do not have any guidelines to train children to set goals nor a system to achieve those goals. Designed to help 13-15 year olds, she first offered her course to be taught in schools, where students could learn to set goals and plan for their future.

The Success Building BlocX Specific Goal Setting & Detailed Planning System was created to be the framework that supports the beliefs and faith necessary to build a strong foundation that will support and guide actions while building a life of success and abundance. As clients typically become familiar with and learn the 11 Principles,

they make eye-opening discoveries, or, if older, have old, forgotten memories resurface and make them smile. “)

Visit to get the downloadable, free, limited-edition copy of NeverEnding Success Journal with a 12-month 2023 calendar and a goal-setting guide.

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