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Car Accident Lawyer From Shulman & Hill Pursues Compensation for Victims

Car Accident Lawyer From Shulman & Hill Pursues Compensation for Victims

March 15
15:52 2023
Victims of a car crash due to the fault of another find help at Shulman & Hill. The legal team pursues fair compensation for physical and emotional suffering, property damage, and medical bills.

Shulman & Hill are pleased to announce that those individuals who sustain injuries in a vehicle accident because of the fault of another can rely on the help of the New York car accident lawyer. The legal team can pursue fair compensation for medical bills, physical and emotional suffering, and property damage. New York State has many busy roadways with as many as 100,000 vehicles daily. The result is the likelihood of accidents, but not every accident victim is equal.

The facts of each accident are different. Some victims experience serious injuries, but they will heal. Other victims sustain multiple catastrophic injuries that will dramatically affect the rest of their lives. The legal team at Shulman & Hill in New York can guide clients in determining which damages can be sought through lawful means. Victims can seek compensation for medical expenses, lost employment or income, property damage, and physical pain and suffering.

Victims of accidents while in a company vehicle may need to use different strategies in seeking compensation. The Manhattan work-related car accident lawyer has the experience and knowledge to assess the situation and guide victims through every step of the legal process. For example, a work-related car accident may allow the victim to file a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury lawsuit. The lawyers can concurrently guide clients through both cases, saving them time and money.

According to the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB), injured workers are entitled to medical treatment that could save their lives or improve their quality of life. In addition, they may claim a percentage of income lost by not working if they cannot work for more than seven days. The victim also is entitled to disability benefits to compensate them for total, partial, permanent, and temporary loss of physical and intellectual abilities.

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Shulman & Hill offers prospective clients a free case review. As a result, the clients will better understand options and make the right decision. Over the years, clients have been awarded over $250 million in compensation.

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