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FurBuilt Offers Innovatively Designed Catbula, An Automatic Litter Box For Large Cats And Multi-Cat Families.

FurBuilt Offers Innovatively Designed Catbula, An Automatic Litter Box For Large Cats And Multi-Cat Families.

February 22
13:08 2023
Catbula is a newly designed automated litter box with sensors, litter filters and deodorizing systems, especially for large cat and multi-cat families.

FurBuilt offers a newly designed product, Catbula, an automatic litter box for large cats and multi-cat families. The product is designed with the Spiral-Seal system, the world’s first smell-sealing system that completely deters owners from odor. This system keeps users’ homes smelling fresh and clean. Catbula automatic packing system deals with all the messy work, bundling and fixing smelling trash without effort because it’s not a pleasant task.


When numerous cats utilize the automatic litter box in a steady progression, its basic design and narrow opening inevitably result in the accumulation of feces in the opening, preventing feces from entering the waste compartment. FurBuilt solves the owner’s problems and offers an innovative product, Catbula, with an extra large waste channel with Ez-dump, where cat poops can pass through easily without getting stuck. No need to be afraid of large litter pieces falling all at once. Also, the biggest waste bin in the existing products. With the unique design, the company can ensure their users’ fur kids’ safety via a high-accuracy sensor. 

Cleaning litter boxes everyday is not a fun task for a pet’s owners.  With Catbula, owners can enjoy their living for one month without cleaning their litter box regularly. The product’s innovative design and automatic packing system make it feasible for owners to go as long as 30 days without having to clean up after their furry companions. The owners can spend more time with their pets and less time managing litter.


The product has an open design and a massive amount of space that allows large cats to move around in their litter box to track down a suitable spot, making it a peaceful as well as comfortable experience for their furbaby. Mostly other companies design small-sized products where pets feel less comfortable and make a bad experience for their furry companions. So FurBuilt’s product offers a variety of facilities to both cat families and owners.

Innovatively designed Catbula utilizes advanced through beams sensors which provide reliable and precise locations for their pets. These sensors utilize invisible infrared lights to securely and safely detect even small kittens, with a refresh rate of up to 100Hz. The owners can trust the FurBuilt system to provide a safe and hygienic environment for their furry companions. 


Catbula can be easily controlled via the FurBuilt app, which makes it easy to observe and understand the cat’s behavior and health. The owners can track their cat’s habits and detect any potential issues because the app records the complete utilization of the litter box. The app also gives a notification when the time is to clean up. 

Additionally, FurBuilt offers many kinds of clumping cat litter which are suitable for Catbula, like clay litter, tofu litter, mixed litter and much more. 

About FurBuilt: 

FurBuilt is a company that designs smart electronic products for pets. As a group of passionate cat lovers, the company believes that pets and their owners deserve more exceptional devices and finally designed a smart litter box, Catbula. The product is tremendous for large cats as it provides wide space to all kinds of cats. The innovative product will soon launch on Indiegogo

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