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Lakes Family Mediation Offers Help to Couple with Marriage Related Issues

Lakes Family Mediation Offers Help to Couple with Marriage Related Issues

February 21
16:04 2023

Lakes Mediation is a mediation service specialising in helping couples and families resolve disputes without needing court or solicitor involvement. They provide a dedicated, impartial and safe space for both parties to be heard and to work together towards an agreement.

At Lakes Mediation, they understand how difficult it can be to navigate family-related disputes. That’s why their professional mediators help couples across the North West to resolve conflicts around children and financial disputes themselves without needing to go to court or solicitors.

The trained mediators are highly experienced professionals who have helped thousands of couples and families understand children’s contact arrangements, separation agreements, divorce settlements, and financial matters. They provide a non-judgmental environment for both parties to express their views fully and openly so that dispute resolution can occur.

The fundamental principles of mediation in the Lakes mediation Cumbria are rooted in helping individuals reach agreements in an environment that are focused on fairness and understanding. The organisation is no stranger to issues that can arise within couples, like decisions about children, arrangements for finances and other similar problems. Fortunately, people don’t have to rely on legal action to resolve them. That’s where Lakes Mediation comes in.

So, how does it work? The process involves working with an independent mediator to agree on a mutual resolution. A mediator can help you work through potential issues and understand each other’s perspective on the conflicts at hand. This allows couples to decide how to manage their disputes rather than having someone else do that for them.

The agreements reached during mediation cannot be enforced in a court of law. Nonetheless, the agreement can be used in court if a Consent Order is sought

The beauty of this approach is that it’s confidential and non-judgemental. They are given a chance to discuss matters in a non-confrontational manner, with no legal proceedings involved – giving everyone involved more control over the process and its outcome.

In conclusion, Lakes Mediation provides a powerful, empowering approach to dispute resolution. It is ideal for anyone across the North West looking to resolve conflicts quickly, amicably and without expensive legal fees. It’s a service that equips couples to come to an agreement that works best for them and their children and can help bring closure to be difficult and emotionally taxing issues. With Lakes Mediation, you can take back control of your dispute and be the one in charge.

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Lakes Family Mediation help couples across the North West resolve conflict around children and financial disputes themselves without the need for courts or solicitors. For more information:

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