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Coastline K9 Is Aiding In Protecting Families With Dogs Trained For The Job And Training For Existing Pets

Coastline K9 Is Aiding In Protecting Families With Dogs Trained For The Job And Training For Existing Pets

January 24
02:54 2023
Veteran-owned and operated Coastline K9 provides world-class dogs and dog training to families in need of a protection dog. Their training encompasses everything from basic obedience to professional guard dog training, and the dogs they provide are already given world-class protection training.

There’s a reason dogs are considered man’s best friend. The love and loyalty they provide are unmatched, and they would do anything for the family that loves and takes care of them. With the proper training, dogs can be even more than that beloved family member. They can give families an extra level of safety and security as they protect their homes and owners.  

Coastline K9 not only provides training at all levels for an existing pet, they also provide new furry friends that have already gone through rigorous and world-class training to protect their new family.  

Coastline K9’s inspiring origins  

Coastline K9 is a veteran-owned and operated business that began from the bond between a soldier and his dog. This bond began in 2009 when Erick Innis began to work as a special operations K9 Handler. His partner was a veteran working dog named Rex. The pair served two tours together while Erick learned quite a bit about training K9s. 

His knowledge and growing expertise took him to the Navy Seal K9 training program next and expanded to law enforcement K9s, domestically and internationally. In 2012, following his relocation to Naples, FL, he founded both the Rescue 22 Foundation and Coastline K9 to rescue dogs and provide training.  

Coastline K9’s dogs 

Coastline K9 has great, already-trained dogs for sale for personal protection. These dogs have been nurtured and gone through rigorous training to be the best guard dog for one’s home. While bad news for any would-be intruders into a family’s home, they are the perfect companion for those who live there as they provide an extra layer of security and friendship.  

Coastline K9’s dog training 

Coastline K9 offers multiple levels of dog training, depending on what a client is looking for. The stay-and-train program involves the dog staying with Coastline K9 for 4-8 weeks. During this time, they will undergo a world-class training program that can help with even the worst behaviors or teach them valuable skills and obedience.  

For families that just brought home a puppy and need to teach those basic obedience skills, Coastline K9 has a great puppy training program. Training from an early age helps instill those crucial behaviors, making for a great experience.  

As much as a dog is loved by their families, sometimes they develop bad and even dangerous behaviors like aggression towards other dogs or pulling so much on a leash that it’s impossible to take them for a walk. Coastline K9 takes these behaviors seriously and works hard to help reverse them with behavior modification training.  

Finally, they offer private training that can be done in the privacy of one’s home if they don’t want to join group classes. As Coastline K9’s preferred method, this training teaches both the owner and the dog so they can work together in harmony.  

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