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Discover How This 20 Year Old Built His Social Media To 1.5M Across All Platforms And Built A Thriving Business

Discover How This 20 Year Old Built His Social Media To 1.5M Across All Platforms And Built A Thriving Business

January 19
19:31 2023

Valentino Vanyi was a young man from a small town in Germany, who was dissatisfied with his school life and grades. He felt that no one was teaching him how to properly learn and that his emotions against studying had an impact on his ability to input information and with that also impacted his grades.

This drove him to drop out of school at the age of 17, much to the dismay of his parents. His mother tried to reason with him, telling him he either needed to find a job or go back to school.

Desperate for an alternative, Valentino searched for ways to make money online and noticed that people with big followings on InstagramTM seemed to live their dreams and make the Income he desperately needed, which made him realize a Following is the key to make a lot of money online.

After researching different methods for building a following, he discovered that leveraging a theme page would be the fastest and most convenient way to do so, even if he did not have tens of thousands of dollars for ads, nor wanted to reveal his Identity to the whole globe he could make it big.

The first 4 Months he struggled immensely to succeed, when he was learning from free Youtube Videos and Blogs how to go about growing one.

Then, something changed when – Valentino came across a quote from Warren Buffet: “The highest paying investment is always in yourself” and decided it was time to invest in himself by purchasing an e-book from a successful Theme Page Owner.

To his surprise the strategies inside, finally worked! Not long later he had 10000 followers, but he realized he can’t deposit followers in his bank account as he still didn’t make a penny!

After learning the power of investing in himself with his first purchase, he grabbed his last few bucks and did it again by purchasing a course to learn how to monetize his following, he made $1000 within just 48 hours and not long after his first $10000 and more!

Which gave him enough money to purchase an in person 1 on 1 Mentorship which costed him $12k.

Through this mentorship program, which required him to fly to Dubai and live there for a while which then turned into 6 months.

Valentino learned invaluable lessons from a millionaire and saw success over the next 2 years as he grew his following into 1.5 million across multiple InstagramTM Theme Pages by the age of 20.

Valentino has managed to make $547,260 before turning 19 years old and continues earning multiple 6 figures annually through selling shoutouts, digital products like the ones that changed his life and now also coachings/mentorships through which he teaches others how they can also build their own InstagramTM Theme Page as a scalable Income stream or traffic source.

He helped dozens already build an income with the help of a InstagramTM Theme Page of which many escaped there 9-5 by doing so.

His story serves as inspiration for anyone who wants success without taking traditional routes; if you put your mind towards something and really invest in yourself – anything is possible!

To learn more about Valentino and what he does, then take a look at his InstagramTM here:

And if you are interested to learn how you could build a Income or scale your business with the help of such a Theme Page WITHOUT spending a $ on ads then apply to work with him here: and

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