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Comprehensive Management Review Template And Explanations Published

Comprehensive Management Review Template And Explanations Published

January 18
16:54 2023
A Management Review for ISO 9001 process requires upper management to review the Quality Management System (QMS) routinely. The goal is to ensure the suitability, effectiveness, and adequacy of the organization.

ISO 9001 Checklist is pleased to announce the launch of its Management Review Template. The template is designed for the management of the organization to be assured of the suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness of its processes. The review also points out the possible need for changes to targets, objectives, quality policies and other quality elements of the Quality Management System (QMS). The reviewers for the process should include representation from top management, facility managers, functional managers, line managers, process users, process owners, and action owners. 

Some of the reasons for performing management reviews include evaluating and determining the quality of system performance. The review determines the need for improvement and change, as well as the recommendations for improvement. The management review team determines the suitability of the objectives and policies. 

The purpose and final outcome of the review should be continued improvement of the quality manuals and QMS manuals. As the QMS of the organization increases in efficiency and effectiveness while using preventative and corrective actions and audit findings, the performance of processes and improvement processes will likely increase. 

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A Management Review should be completed at least one time a year or more often if needed. The review can vary in detail and in parameters of the review. There is no need to go through the full agenda each time the review happens. There is no need to duplicate effort if aspects are covered as part of other management meetings. 

The reviews can be completed quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. The reviews can be stand-alone efforts, or they can be combined with other business activities, such as functional reviews, customer requirements, process reviews or councils, operations meetings, and business or strategic planning. It is up to the organization to define the intervals, frequency and format of the review meetings, but the particulars must be defined in the QMS or ISO certification documented procedures. 


ISO 9001 Checklist offers templates and descriptions for the management review portion of the ISO 900l checklists. Companies considering a more detailed process for ensuring ISO certification can use the templates to build their practices and organizational structure. Online descriptions help the organization prepare comprehensive procedures in line with accepted standards.

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