Jun Engineering awarded at the ’23rd Software Industry Day’

  • PublishedJanuary 13, 2023

JUN ENGINEERING excelling in the overseas contract is receiving better domestic recognition. The CEO, Jeon Hyeong Jin, stated on November 5th last year that JUN ENGINEERING was selected as a software industry development contributor at the ’23rd Software Industry Day’ and was awarded by the Minister of the Ministry of Science and ICT.

The award was given to the contributors dedicated to developing the domestic software industry. It recognizes the industry leaders who have developed and supplied outstanding software technologies. It also aims to vitalize the software industry.

The CEO, Jeon Hyeong Jin, was acknowledged for developing software technology that measures the quantity of cable, which takes up a large portion of the production cost of shipbuilding, minimizes wasted cable, and reduces the production cost.

JUN ENGINEERING stated that the company was selected as the ‘First Penguin’ by the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund last November.

The First Penguin, organized by the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund, is to cultivate, develop, and support companies that have the potential to become unicorn companies within five years of foundation. The selected company is given a maximum 3 billion won guarantee for three years and other benefits.

The CEO, Jeon Hyeong Jin, stated, “We were delighted to be selected as the ‘First Penguin’ company to witness the potential of JUN ENGINEERING’s growth. Based on such achievement, our company will take an exponential leap in growth.” And added, “JUN ENGINEERING will continuously grow and become a sustainable company to meet the expectations.”

Also, JUN ENGINEERING was selected as the ‘National Representative 1000 Innovative Companies’ by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy.

The ‘National Representative 1000 Innovative Companies” is a system to support companies with technologies and growth potential for the future in different fields. Twelve government ministries select and support the companies that could boost the economic potential of Korea.

JUN ENGINEERING was selected for its innovation and technology in the IT sector by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy.

This year, JUN ENGINEERING is garnering attention with its future steps celebrating multiple celebrations.

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