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UTRAI Is Changing The Game With Their Newly Launched Jstar X1 Super Capacitor Jump Starter

UTRAI Is Changing The Game With Their Newly Launched Jstar X1 Super Capacitor Jump Starter

November 22
16:15 2022
UTRAI is an innovative brand that designs and creates electronic power and auto products that keep drivers moving. With their high-quality jump starters, such as the new super capacitor jump starter Jstar X1, there will be no need to wait for help to jump-start your vehicle again.

Shenzhen, China – Any driver who has been stuck alongside the road because their car wouldn’t start knows how painful it can be to wait for roadside assistance. It can sometimes take up to a few hours, which isn’t ideal because it can be dangerous to be held up on the side of the road.

UTRAI recently launched their super capacitor jump starter, Jstar X1, which is definitely a game changer for jump starter products everywhere. Now you don’t need to wait for assistance and can get your car back up and running yourself.

The Jstar X1 is unlike any ordinary lithium jump starter because the battery is replaced with super capacitors. With the super capacitors, there is no need to charge the battery for hours before you can use it to jump start the car. It only needs a quick 3-minute charge from the car battery then it is ready to use. This makes the Jstar X1 extremely convenient to keep in your car. 

The Jstar X1 has a longer lifespan than ordinary lithium battery jump starters, as drivers can use it more than 100 000 times. It can also jump start many vehicles ranging from SUVs and pick-up trucks to motorcycles and snowmobiles. 

The use of super capacitors has the benefit of being super safe to use. You won’t have to worry about the jump starter catching fire, bulging, or exploding if it’s dropped, shaken, or kept under high temperatures.  

While the super capacitor jump stater is larger than the ordinary lithium battery jump starter and more expensive, it’s clear that there are outstanding advantages that make it worth the extra expense.

About UTRAI:

UTRAI is an up-and-coming electronic power product brand that designs and creates products such as jump starters and power banks. Their goal is to keep drivers moving by empowering them with their power and auto products so that they never have to stop anytime along their journey.

UTRAI is known for their high-quality products, strict quality control, outstanding customer service, and advanced research and designs. They’re a focused, innovative, and energetic brand that consumers have chosen since their establishment in 2018. 

UTRAI is the proud recipients of two honorary awards- the 2020 AliExpress Dark Horse Brand and the 2020-2021 Top Ten Aggressive Brands.  

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