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KemisEarth SMP – A Planet Earth Minecraft Server for All Platforms

KemisEarth SMP – A Planet Earth Minecraft Server for All Platforms

November 21
13:50 2022

Earth is a 1:300 scale of the planet earth in Minecraft. You can find a link to the server’s map here

The server natively runs on the latest version of Minecraft. They allow for any version 1.8 or higher to join. Additionally, they’re cross-play meaning players can join on a Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Playstation, Bedrock, and any other device that’s capable of running Minecraft with internet. Pretty cool, right? Let’s hop into the features.

  • Grief Protection and Towny (Your base can never get griefed).
  • Super friendly community (Scamming, toxicity and etc is NOT ALLOWED).
  • Community ran server meaning whatever the community wants, they get. Post all suggestions in our discord #suggestions channel.
  • Very friendly and active staff.
  • Chest shops with a nice player ran economy.
  • Auction house allowing players to trade further.
  • Trading so you never have to worry about being scammed.
  • Vanilla mob spawning, along with spawners.
  • Lottery System.
  • 1.19 means we have Axolotls, amethysts, and much more.
  • 100% Uptime with ZERO lag.
  • Daily / Weekly updates to always keep the server fresh.
  • Over 1000 quests for you to come complete ready now.
  • Over 15 skills for you to come and master.
  • Backpacks for every player.
  • A Resource world that gets reset monthly.
  • Chat games with amazing rewards.
  • Custom vehicles such as tractors, airplanes, drills and so many more.
  • We have so many more features, but I’m going to let you come check them out to get the full experience.
  • The map will never reset, you will keep your progress forever.

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Bedrock Server IP:


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