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Molo9’s AI-Powered Recommendations and Roadmaps Gives Smart Marketers a New Edge

Molo9’s AI-Powered Recommendations and Roadmaps Gives Smart Marketers a New Edge

June 22
18:00 2021
The software was built to equip goal-oriented marketers who prioritize fast results.

Marketers are always on the lookout for cutting-edge software that can help them keep their edge; maintain peak performance through pandemics and holidays.

“Marketing opportunities are constantly shifting, we cannot stay complacent with our current strategies. We need to keep an eye out for new techniques that can help us reach the next goal faster.” stated a representative from Molo9.

Molo9 has the ultimate solution. Its software provides AI-powered marketing recommendations and roadmaps that can help agency owners, marketing departments and marketing strategists cut days’ worth of work down to just a few clicks.

“Prior to building Molo9, Adi Soozin, our founder, ascended to be one of the fastest growth hackers on the planet. In just nine weeks, Ms. Soozin helped a brand-new startup to increase its revenue by more than 4,200 percent. Within one year, she turned a $16,000 budget and entrepreneur’s dream into a startup with $13,356,250 in sales. Within five years, she grew a bootstrapped startup from an idea on paper to [a business earning] more than $108,000,000 in sales,” stated a representative from Molo9.

Being the prolific marketing genius that she is, Adi Soozin has built a database of marketing strategies from her years of working in the industry. Since 2009, her database has evolved from a series of notebooks and files to a giant excel, then into a full-size database. The need for a software solution rose as her database grew. She needed something that could help her filter through thousands of strategies in a fast and easy fashion to allow viewers to see just the strategies beneficial for a particular client, based on their current KPIs.

Prior to launching Molo9 on her own, Ms. Soozin faced several failed attempts to pair with a developer to create the software. When 2020 afforded her some free time, she decided to learn the computer programming languages needed to build the software herself. Ms. Soozin has developed Molo9 to offer three solutions — all designed to make any marketer’s project management and planning easier.

The software offers the marketing recommendation engine; a library of Ms. Soozin’s checklists, briefs and workbooks; and the project management portal. The marketing recommendation engine gives marketers and strategists a highly customized roadmap of what they should do to improve the KPIs most important to their client’s company.

“I’ve followed Adi’s work for many years now and have always been impressed by her growth-hacking skills… Having accessed Molo9 and used it intensively now, I can only say I am thrilled to have made the purchase,” shared Matthieu Pinet, Senior Strategy & Corporate Development Manager at the Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL)

Molo9’s AI-powered recommendation engine filters through all the marketing tactics and strategies to only show users the ones that can easily help their clients reach specific goals.

“Love the content inside the application. Really shortened my learning curve and helped me zone in on what to focus on for my business… I picked up on a strategy that I can implement immediately that’s worth $1500 per client in my business. With this one strategy (and there are many more), I’ll be able to close more clients because I KNOW my competitors aren’t doing it.” shared Jay Cabreros, CEO of Haiku Steps

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About Molo9

Molo9 is an AI-powered recommendation engine built to equip goal-oriented marketers. The software uses six key performance indicators to filter through a database of Adi Soozin’s personal playbooks, checklists, marketing strategies & tactics.

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