It’s Important to Have a Water Filtration System in The Home

June 08 09:36 2021
It's Important to Have a Water Filtration System in The Home

Scientists are discovering that more and more toxins are draining off the land and into local Florida waterways. If not caught and filtered by the water utility, these toxins can wind up in the water that homeowners use for cooking, drinking, and bathing. Fortunately, homeowners can turn to the trusted plumbing experts at Air & Energy to install a residential water filtration system that removes harmful minerals, chemicals, and organisms from the water supply line before anything enters the household plumbing system.

A Well-Established Service Provider for Southwestern Florida

For almost four decades, the experienced team at Air & Energy has provided Manatee County with dependable HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services. This family-owned business employs a team of dedicated workers who have been with the business for the past 5 to 25 years. This range of experience helps keep the newer employees aware of tried and true methods while they, in turn, pass on the knowledge of new industry techniques to their more seasoned peers. The diversity of this team has allowed the company to rank as one of the most trusted and top-rated Gulf Coast home service companies to offer household water filtration service.

Eliminate Harmful Contaminants From the Household Water Supply

People who don’t want high levels of minerals or toxins in their water often express interest in a Whole-Home filtration system. At the point of the main water line connection, the system will filter all household water before it flows through the pipes to each faucet. Wherever water is used, from the shower or ice maker to the washing machine and garden hose, it will receive filtered water that leaves skin smooth, tastes great, and isn’t harsh on the laundry or plant life. The system can also serve as a water softener so that homeowners don’t have to invest in a separate device that takes up valuable household space.

Filter Out Toxins at the Point of Dispersal

Some homeowners only worry about using filtered water for cooking and drinking because they don’t want to ingest any hazards that may arrive through the main water line. These individuals can invest in a Point-of-Use filtration system that places a filter under bathroom or kitchen sinks and sends purified water through a specialty faucet installed next to the regular fixtures. This filtration faucet allows residents to use clean water whenever they want without activating a specialized filtration device on the nozzle. For more information on this system, individuals can visit

The Best Way to Uncover Pricing Options

Installing a water filtration system may seem too expensive to many Florida homeowners, but discounts and financial assistance are available that can help alleviate this fear. Air & Energy offers a free estimate service that evaluates the filtration needs of each household and establishes a quote for the parts and labor required for each project. Homeowners can also speak to a representative about any specials the company offers, available financing options, and possible project modifications that lower the overall cost. This free evaluation and consultation process starts by visiting

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