Eliminalia boosts efforts to help individuals, companies protect their online reputation by deleting erroneous, unwanted info

May 04 01:12 2021

Leading reputation management company Eliminalia has beefed up efforts to help individuals, businesses, and governments eliminate negative information and protect their online reputation from articles published on Google and Social Networks.

“Whether due to a disgruntled employee, an unhappy client, a malicious attack, a competitor, or countless other circumstances, your online presence may not represent you as you would like,” a representative of the company said in a statement. “A rumor or slander can mean the end of a person or a company. So, our goal is to get rid of this fake data, which often violates privacy rights.”

Eliminalia performs a deep search across the Internet for all information – whether it be an article, a blog, social media posts, or even mistaken identity – that may appear in searches and compromise a client personally or his company. 

“We will find everything about you or your company online, both positive or negative, and we will share our results with you – at no charge. Then, you inform us which specific information you want to be removed, and we will delete or modify it from the Internet,” the representative said.

Eliminalia said it has a wide array of tools and removal techniques to get things done, making a piece of negative information disappear within the first 24 hours.

Among its top services include erasing negative information on search engines and the complete removal of undesired information from mass media, including de-indexing and removal at the source and search engines.

It also eliminates spurious social media information, including fake profiles or false negative information about someone or a brand. It deletes videos or photographs even if they have already become viral on social media. 

“If our client is a government, we can get the information removed within the first two hours since the negative content is located,” the representative explained.

Eliminalia gathers a vast team of professionals specialized in different sorts of clients. The company then establishes the best approach to address an issue.

Leveraging over a decade of expertise in deleting malicious, erroneous, or unwanted information while enhancing positive reputations, Elimanalia said it offers free advice to individuals and businesses.

The company has developed a worldwide business with offices in over nine countries and with clients on the five continents. 

Eliminalia has clients with more than 100 different nationalities, erasing harmful content in any language and from any country on the Internet. 

Eliminalia also provides an application that allows clients to monitor the progress of their work and guarantees anonymity through non-disclosure agreements.

It has built a strong foothold in Europe, North, Central, and South America, Australia, East Asia, and developing operations in Africa.

Established in 2011, Eliminalia has helped thousands of people and businesses erase their past and repair their reputations, whether caused by erroneous information, mistaken identity, or malicious intent.

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