FoodMap Asia brings Vietnamese agricultural products to the global stage

May 03 18:58 2021

FoodMap Asia, a startup based in Vietnam, is bringing Vietnamese agricultural products globally after one of its products, the coconut nectar, made it to the American crowdfunding website Indiegogo.

“Our journey to bring Vietnamese agricultural products abroad is gradually becoming a reality with the support from the investor, Pernod Ricard Vietnam,” a representative of FoodMap Asia said in a statement.

Its product, Coconut nectar, is a natural product derived from the liquid sap of coconut flowers.

FoodMap Asia said coconut nectar has a mildly sweet, mellow, and distinct flavor. The product serves as a natural replacement for honey or refined sugar.

FoodMap Asia said coconut nectar also has a high mineral content, which helps maintain electrolyte balance, restore health, improve resistance, and boost the immune system. 

FoodMap Asia stressed that bringing Vietnamese agricultural products has always been on top of its priority, especially as a startup in a Southeast Asian country that pushes to make headway abroad. 

“This is a historic milestone for us. We have been scaling up efforts to introduce coconut nectar to the world market. It’s not just extremely delicious, but also incredibly healthy,” the representative said.

Coconut nectar has gained a lot of attention across the world. FoodMap Asia said health-conscious consumers have been turning to coconut nectar as a substitute for honey and other sweeteners. 

FoodMap Asia urged people to continue supporting its journey as it strives to make headway in the international arena and introduce more products in the global market.

FoodMap Asia has brought together enthusiastic young people who are passionate about agriculture and technology. The startup aims to apply technology in agriculture to improve the value of Vietnamese agricultural products.

Agriculture is one of the most important export sectors of Vietnam, FoodMap Asia explains, with the industry hugely contributing to the general export turnover of the Southeast Asian nation.

“While agricultural exports have been facing challenges amid the global integration, FoodMap Asia aims to fill the void and rise to the challenge,” the representative stressed. 

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