The Art of Changing the Subconscious Mind with Dipal Shah of Ananda 4 Life

February 25 06:08 2021
The Art of Changing the Subconscious Mind with Dipal Shah of Ananda 4 Life

Dipal Shah – Founder of Ananda 4 Life
Sculpting the Mind to Find Happiness, Joy, and Purpose

MOORESVILLE, NC – “In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” — Albert Gyorgyi.

The global pharmaceutical market has grown to over $960 Billion dollars, offering countless “quick fixes” that can have unintended side effects. While traditional medicine is considerably effective and has allowed people to make incredible scientific progress for thousands of years, sometimes folks need something outside the norm. It’s here that people often turn to alternative medicine like yoga, meditation, and more. One increasingly popular form of alternative medicine is energy healing, which has grown increasingly prevalent in online spaces, and for those looking to benefit from it, there’s no greater resource than Dipal Shah.

Dipal Shah is a Certified Energy Practitioner and Mind ReProgramming Expert, specializing in positive transformations to create overall wellness. As an international speaker and spiritual teacher, she speaks about karma, quantum healing, self-improvement, meditation, and much more.

She is the creator of Ananda 4 Life, LLC which provides holistic healing services. From a stressful career in pharmaceutical sales that left her with debilitating digestive issues for over 12 years, Dipal pivoted to energy medicine where she finally found pain relief. She understands that conventional medicine doesn’t always have all the answers and uses her experience to help others switch on the body’s natural healing processes.

Through Ananda 4 Life, Dipal offers energy healing services of all kinds. From healing audio files to one-on-one sessions, there’s no lack of options for clients looking to heal. Her online one-on-one sessions are 30 minutes each, and once participants set their goals, Dipal will guide them towards mental, physical, and spiritual healing. In addition to her offerings above, she is also hosting mentorship programs to become an energy healer starting on March 16th.

“As a medical intuitive, I have a gift that allows me to sense peoples’ physical and emotional ailments, even when they may not be aware themselves. I use a powerful healing modality, Quantum Body Awakening, which includes sounds such as light language, toning, and breath to focus and balance a person’s energy systems, removing immediate pain and kick-starting the healing process,” she says of her work. “I have transformed my own life from a stressful career to a path of spiritual awakening. I learned to naturally heal my own diseases, and I want to help you, too.”

For more information on Dipal and the work she does, visit her website here. Her training to become an energy healer and medical intuitive starts on March 16th with a Global Gathering on March 17th at 6:30 PM EST. Information about those events can be found here. Bookings for her one-on-one online healing sessions can be found here, and her podcast can be found here.

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