Oscar (OCR) – the disruptor of the game entertainment industry, the world’s first EXX on July 1st, invites people to jointly prove a new era of game entertainment

June 25 05:53 2019

Oscar (OCR), one of the most powerful game entertainment eco-financial value systems in history, is committed to breaking the monopoly of the world’s over-centered, leading everyone to change the world and re-enter the revolution of secondary distribution of wealth, thus realizing the ultimate freedom of wealth! On July 1st, the world’s first exx exchange, open trading at 15:00, invites you to witness.

Entertainment is a kind of nature in which people pursue happiness and ease the pressure of survival. It is an activity that makes the recipients happy, relaxed, and inspiring by expressing their emotions and sorrows or the skills of themselves and others. It includes tragicomedy, various competitions and games, music and dance performances and appreciation.

With the advancement of the times, people’s aesthetic tastes and value orientations will constantly change, and the way of entertainment activities will change constantly. A good, effective and entertaining way of entertainment will be quickly adopted by the public. Accepted and spread, becoming an entertainment activity that most people like in a certain period. Because in the same historical period, people live in the same social environment, there are many identical feelings, the same confusion and similar yearnings, similar pleasures, and the entertainment style that conforms to the trend of the times and caters to most people’s psychology will be like The rapid spread of fashion and songs will also quickly become obsolete with the arrival of new fashions, the so-called fashion reincarnation.

In today’s era, games have become the mainstream of entertainment. While creating fun, games are also a vital economic industry. However, over the years, the game industry’s cost of game developers has been high due to traffic monopoly and competition in the same industry. The game industry is lacking in innovation and progress is slow.

With the growing maturity of blockchain technology, the technical characteristics of distributed accounting, openness, transparency and traceability of the blockchain have brought the dawn of the game industry’s transformation and progress.

In line with the torrent of the times, Oscar came into being. Oscar (OCR) is jointly sponsored by the OK Pan Entertainment Foundation of the United States and OK Entertainment Group Co., Ltd. of the United States. Based on a game side chain of Ethereum’s public chain technology, it has a complete Ethereum underlying technology, distributed accounting, and smart contracts. Consensus mechanism, etc. Develop DAPP game application on the side chain to build a global game ecology. At present, we have built application scenarios such as digital asset wallet, integrated game platform, star entertainment IP, gaming quiz platform, and live video platform. Later, we will connect more offline entities.

Oscar (OCR) leads the global gaming and entertainment industry to strengthen mutual help by building a strong, efficient and connected global community of gaming and entertainment eco-nodes, effectively addressing emergencies and capturing key opportunities for global gaming and entertainment to achieve a sustainable future.

Oscar (OCR) Passes through a relatively fragmented payment system between different games, players can use Oscar (OCR) pass to redeem virtual goods for any game in the ecosystem. For players, in the Oscar (OCR) public chain, players can not only clearly know the value they created during the game, but also more advanced virtual goods circulation mechanism, enjoy the value exchange experience across games, in addition to Oscar (OCR will also use the blockchain to build a pan-entertainment ecosystem. Oscar (OCR) Pass will open up the consumer channel between games, entertainment and life, allowing players to create wealth in games and entertainment.

A great cause is more than just serving its own interests. Oscar (OCR) will carry more responsibility and responsibility for this society and the world. Oscar (OCR) will lead more people of insight. Improve our living environment, let work, life, games and entertainment coexist, achieve a sustainable future, and let every player realize the ultimate freedom of wealth.

Website: www.oscarchain.org

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