More Leads Through SEO for Houston Businesses

June 24 11:57 2019
More Leads Through SEO for Houston Businesses

People scouring Google for search terms related to your business represent an audience with a significant amount of purchasing intent already. It’s even possible to tell where in the buying cycle people are by what they’re searching for in Google. If people search using phrases such as “steel frame bike vs. aluminum frame” it indicates that are only beginning to investigate products. Their search is still focused on basic facts and information and hasn’t progressed deeper.

Today’s digital era has dramatically changed how business operate and how they market their services. A few decades ago it was enough to have a bit of word-of-mouth and some display ads. People look for products and services online. This can be challenging, but businesses willing to take this as an opportunity, gain an edge over the competition. SEO is one of the best ways to get leads online, but many Houston businesses simply don’t have the expertise to execute SEO campaigns.

Technology has shaken up the modern business landscape, and digitization is being adopted by businesses just not to score PR points, but as a real necessity. B2B marketing and B2B buyers have also been greatly affected by this shift towards technology. Buyers these days are intelligent, and start the research phase of their purchase journey by a simple online search through their mobile devices.

Logic Inbound, a digital agency based in Seattle, explains how Houston SEO can help businesses increase leads and ultimately gain an edge over the competition.

People who start their product research online aren’t necessarily looking for anything specific. They’re just looking for solutions to their problems. Businesses can leverage this opportunity, and offer these people valuable content that exposes products and services. But how can businesses make sure their web content is read potential customers? The answer lies in SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is a collection of techniques used to increase the rank of web pages on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

At its core, SEO involves optimizing your website’s content around keywords that are relevant to your business’s industry. For example, people who want a leaky faucet fixed will search online for ‘plumbing services near me’, or even ‘plumbing services houston’. These are the phrases that will become all-important keywords to optimize a plumbing business’s website. It should be stressed that SEO is not just limited to optimizing website content for a bunch of keywords.

Also included in SEO is the user experience of a website’s visitors. Bad website design causes visitors to leave, and Google notices this as well, which will lead to the website going down the ranks in search results. So a complete SEO strategy will also include improving or even overhauling, a website’s user experience (UX). The great thing about SEO is that it actually raises the quality standards of the businesses, and doesn’t rely on cheap tactics to get customers. Its results are a bit slow, but are sustainable in the long term.

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