Innovative Platform is Helping Immigrants Find Job Opportunities in the United States While Assisting in Visa Application Processes

February 23 16:38 2023 is the world’s first job portal designed to connect immigrants with job opportunities in the United States, while also providing valuable support to streamline the visa application process

At the heart of every innovation is a problem that needs a solution. This was the case with the launch of The project was inspired by a challenge faced by the founder, Eve Levi. Eve wanted to immigrate to the United States and she began hunting for jobs. She aimed to secure a job board with US visa-sponsored job opportunities to increase her prospects of relocating to the United States. As the country has strict immigration policies, finding employment is crucial to validate one’s entry into the country.

Sadly, Eve could not find a job board or USA visa-sponsored job opportunities. Eve decided that people looking to immigrate to the United States should not have to go through the frustrating and challenging process she went through. This led to the creation of, the first-of-its-kind job portal designed to help immigrants find employment opportunities in the United States while streamlining their visa application process.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of, the world’s first job portal designed specifically to connect immigrants with job opportunities in the United States while streamlining the visa application process,” said Eve Levi. “Our platform provides a range of job opportunities across various categories for professionals and unskilled individuals, with the added benefit of support throughout the visa application process. We believe that our platform has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of immigrants seeking to build a better future in the United States.” has listed 7000+ professional and unskilled jobs. Barely three months after its launch, Move2USAJobs has had 5000+ social media subscribers and over 2000 website visitors. Users are expected to subscribe and the platform will take jobs from the main job aggregators while facilitating the application process for people interested in getting work visa jobs in the USA.

The platform is coordinated by a team of three individuals. Eve is the founder and coordinator, Volodymyr helps with marketing and job searching and uploading while Omkar manually checks jobs every day to provide visitors with carefully selected ones. The project is still budding but growing faster than envisaged and the team is calling on well-meaning individuals and organizations to fund and support it.

To learn more about what is doing, please visit or watch the YouTube explanation of how the platform works at

For funding and support, email [email protected].

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