Eloquent Automotive Group: Transforming High-End Auto Sales in Canada and Beyond

February 23 20:09 2023

Canadian Wholesale Automotive Sales Made Easy and Enjoyable

Eloquent Automotive Group (EAG), based out of Calgary, Alberta, specializes in wholesale automotive sales. They currently focus on the purchasing and selling of automotive vehicles, from average daily drivers, such as SUVs, and pickups, to half-million dollar-plus super-cars, including high-end Porsche, McLaren and Ferrari models. As the years and the company progressed, their niche specialty began to emerge, with high-end and ultra-high-end vehicle transactions.

The Beginning 

Eloquent Automotive Group began life in 2017, primarily focusing on the purchase of vehicles for US exports. Most of those exports were SUVs and pickups, and were ultimately sold to US customers, in this case, American automotive dealers. Over the last four years or so, EAG has had the proud opportunity to focus on connecting clients with rare and hard-to-find vehicles. Behind the scenes, EAG makes this all possible by having a strong network of dealers and suppliers, as well as having great connections and well-established working relationships in Canada and the US.

Founder and CEO, Sam Omar states that when he began EAG, he saw an untapped market that he could fill. Along the way, Sam remained humble and equally took pride in his losses, as well as his successes. According to Sam “losses can provide a great deal of learning opportunities”. 

In those early years, EAG was purchasing many types of different vehicles, while constantly building contacts in the industry. Those contacts turned into trusted long-term relationships, creating positive word-of-mouth, consequently enabling him to begin focusing on higher-end vehicle sales. Establishing those relationships in the early years was key and subsequently grew EAG closer to the company they are today.

Driving the Business Forward

Once EAG became established in the small circle of the high-end automobile world, Sam and his team continued producing positive results for their clients and customers. EAG became the first call for dealers when their customers were looking for something rare, high-end, and specialized. EAG spend a lot of time getting to know their customer base and strive to make the entire process streamlined, easy and pleasurable. a vehicle may cause stress on its own, but the addition of rare and highly costly vehicles can lead to an overwhelming experience.

With that said, EAG strives to make each transaction and purchase decision as painless as possible.

Sam’s core business philosophy for EAG is to ensure that any deal is a profitable one for everyone involved. Sam and EAG take pride in that notion and ensure that every transaction creates happy clients and customers and ultimately, repeat business. This sets EAG aside from many other players in the industry.

Currently the lion’s share of EAG customers is in Alberta and BC, but with sights set on markets in the Western US as well. 

Through Sam’s leadership, EAG’s current primary focus is the ultra-high luxury and super-car exotic market.

Key Attributes and Benefits of the Eloquent Automotive Group

Simple transactions with clean, proper vehicles underscore the key to EAG’s success. Between 2020 and 2022, sales increased by almost seven hundred percent, despite the COVID disruption. EAG also attributes this success to respectful business practices with every client, from suppliers, clients, and customers. 

The proof is in the pudding when it comes to repeat customers and EAG takes great pride in having many repeat customers, as well as a steady stream of referrals.

The company’s objective in the next year or so, is to penetrate the US high-end auto market. With a market ten times that of Canada, EAG sees a plethora of opportunity in the US. Having laid the groundwork with an extensive international dealer network already in place and growing, EAG plans to open a US office, in addition to the one in Canada, in the next several months. Sam is eager to bring the benefits of EAG’s business to potential US customers and the greater US economy at large.

The Eloquent Automotive Group backs everything they sell. Should someone have an issue with their purchase, they can expect them to always come to the table and come to a quick resolution that’s fair for everyone. This positive user experience, coupled with its post-purchase support builds on the foundation of what EAG is most proud of.

The Eloquent Automotive Group is a private automotive wholesale broker, currently based in Alberta Canada.

For more information on The Eloquent Automotive Group, visit: https://www.eloquentauto.ca, or contact [email protected]

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