Magellan Wealth Management Inc. Guides Property Investors to Get the Right Type of Property Investment

February 23 19:12 2023
Magellan Wealth Management Inc. Guides Property Investors to Get the Right Type of Property Investment
Property Profits author, entrepreneur, and investor Carlos A. Rodrigues helps investors maximize their profits with the right business strategies that fit their profile.

The digital age paved the way for many financial-savvy individuals to explore the possibility of investing in real estate properties to earn passive income. However, many of them get puzzled and confused after researching materials about real estate investments.

To help real estate income earners with their dilemma–both beginners and old-timers–real estate investment firm Magellan Wealth Management Inc. introduces its services. The company gives a fresh take on providing real estate investment planning to its clients.

“You’ll step into our offices and be offered water, or perhaps a hot drink. Your advisor will meet you on time and with the time put aside to spend with you and really listen. There will not be any interruptions or distractions,” said the company President Carlos A. Rodrigues.

At Magellan Wealth Management, advisors are trained to give their clients all their attention and discuss their individual challenges, successes, and aspirations. “Your advisor’s phone will not ring and they’ll ask you some questions, perhaps even some difficult ones that you may need to think about, or discuss in private,” Rodrigues added.

Magellan Wealth Management, an independent business, offers its investors a diverse product list that would help them build an innovative portfolio. “Most of all, your advisor may say, Magellan is a strategic business first and an advisory business second. Because in finance as is medicine, prescription before diagnosis is malpractice,” Rodrigues explained.

Before establishing his company, Rodrigues worked with one of Canada’s largest financial institutions for 10 years. After developing a vision of providing clients with true wealth-creation strategies, like real estate investment options, he continued his passion for helping people by creating his own brokerage Magellan Wealth Management Inc. Currently, he has 20 years of financial planning experience.

A true-blue real estate expert, Rodrigues learned about real estate at a young age from his father, who was a successful realtor in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, for many years. His book titled Profit Profits: A Lazy Investor’s Guide to Making Money in Real Estate Even if You Don’t Have Time or Patience for All the B.S., helps clueless real estate investors generate double-digit returns by learning the six surest Profit Paths for making money in real estate.

The book provides recommendations for hands-on investors who want to be involved in fixing properties, to hands-off ones who are better off letting someone else take care of their properties.

To learn more about Magellan Wealth Management, visit The company is open to servicing clients in Canada and the USA.

About Magellan Wealth Management

Magellan Wealth Management provides top-notch personalized real estate investment planning strategies to help beginners and old-time investors generate double-digit returns for its clients via rental properties, real estate development, and other related investmentmethods. The company accepts clients from Canada and the USA.

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