Novas QC offers reliable and cost-effective quality control solutions to companies that buy from China.

February 22 12:54 2023

The majority of importers are likely to encounter several difficulties while sourcing from China, including quality problems, quantity inconsistencies, delayed shipment, and worries about the social compliance of producers. Novas QC, the China inspection company,  aspires to provide the most trustworthy and affordable quality control solutions to small and large businesses that purchase from China to make imports simpler and safer.

Novas QC the inspection agency China, has served over 500 customers from the Americas, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and Africa, no matter how big or little, with their over ten years of expertise and they, are over sixty devoted inspectors.

Hard goods, electrical and electronic items, soft goods, and mechanical equipment are all areas in which they are experts.

From the beginning of manufacturing until container loading, Novas QC, inspection at China in China, offers a comprehensive range of independent inspection services. It will give them a clear picture of how production seems when performed by skilled and experienced inspectors.

While an unreliable partner can cause headaches and tragedy, a QC company can make your business easier. Regardless of what the seller says to you, getting your first-hand account is a crucial first step. They carry out factory audit china to discover such partners.

They assure safe delivery and transportation in a good state. The assurance that your finished goods are handled correctly when loaded into containers to ensure safe transportation and satisfactory delivery to their final destination is provided by container loading supervision.

Container loading supervision is needed, 

To make sure the goods are carried properly.

To make certain the appropriate items are loaded into the containers (no substitution).

To make sure the customer receives the full amount of the order at the destination.

To verify that the products are dispatched and packaged under the terms of the sales contract.

Novas QC Main audits carried out to check,

Container conditions, Product Information, Shipping Labels, Packing, and Marking, monitoring the loading, Documentation, and Amount loaded.

Many companies who got the support of the Novas QC have expressed their intention towards the company.

By First international company,

“You have earned my respect and gratitude for your efforts to protect your customer in going above and beyond normal expectations!”

 By Centric parts Company,

“After working with several inspection companies in Asia I can tell you Novas QC is tops in their field – a team you can trust!”

By Autozone parts Inc.,

“Your inspection report is concise, thorough and very organized. And thank you for the many detailed product photos. I take comfort in knowing you will be there.”

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