Phoenix Transmission Repair, Maintenance, and Rebuild by Experts from Shift Masters Transmissions with Free Diagnostics and Towing

February 22 14:33 2023
Shiftmasters Transmissions in Phoenix is among the leading repair and rebuild services for car transmission issues, ranging from slipping, strange noises, improper shifting, and oil leaks. Its pricing is highly competitive. The service is delivered by experts. Clients can avail of a complimentary external diagnostic.

According to announcements released by Shift Masters Transmissions and Michael Razack, the Phoenix transmission repair services provided by this family-owned business are thorough and backed by solid warranties. 

The business recommends routine maintenance and service every 12-18 months to ensure an optimally running transmission. Transmission services, fluid changes, and flushes can sometimes be overlooked during car maintenance. However, these services are essential for keeping a transmission running smoothly and extending its life.

Regarding transmission repairs, Shift Masters Transmissions chooses the right option for a given situation. It may be necessary to disassemble, clean, and inspect the transmission, substituting any broken or worn-down components and putting it all back together. Some repair situations may allow for fixing a shift cable, reprogramming the computer, or renewing/installing a new valve body, solenoids, or other components without rebuilding or changing the transmission entirely.

Car owners can opt for a remanufactured unit from the dealership to replace a faulty transmission or save money by going for an affordable replacement installed by this business. 

Shift Masters Transmissions provides automobile diagnosing at no cost – it includes a road test, visual inspection, and a full scan of the vehicle’s information systems, along with a reading of its OBD codes. A properly functioning transmission with the appropriate temperature is paramount for avoiding the most common transmission failures due to heat and/or coolant contamination. The trained auto mechanics at this business inspect a vehicle’s transmission cooling system and upgrade it if necessary. Upgrades may be required for performance vehicles and when towing. They can also update or program any PCM, TCM, ECM, etc., for any make or model of car. 

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Michael Razack of Shift Masters Transmissions said, “Although we specialize in transmissions, we are certified technicians who are great with all types of auto repair, including general mechanic work. We can address electrical, fuel systems, starters, fuel pumps, alternators, battery and charging issues, oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, power steering, etc.

Occasionally a customer will contact us with what they think is a transmission issue, and it turns out to be something else. Sometimes it’s a bad differential causing the vehicle not to move. We provide a full menu of differential services. Do you need mounts? If your car is a little older, shaking, or clunking, it could be related to the engine or transmission mounts.

We can diagnose and replace mounts on any vehicle. If we’re already working on the transmission, there’s no additional labor charge. Just pay for the mounts and well put them on. Shiftmasters Transmissions & Auto does it all. Our experienced staff can diagnose and replace any components, including axles, wheel hubs, front and rear driveshafts, rack & pinion, power steering brake pads, drums, rotors, etc.

We offer numerous forms of financing. Each option will come with a 0% interest introductory offer. We have lenders that will work with customers with good, bad, and no credit. The application process is quick and easy with instant approval decisions.”

About the Company:

Shift Masters Transmissions is a long-standing family business with over half a century of expertise in the automotive trade. It provides an extensive range of rebuilt transmissions, torque converters, and transmission components for American, European, and Japanese cars and trucks. Its services guarantee superior quality for any transmission-related repair or replacement.

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