The founder of the School of Yalla Kareem M Is Helping To Discover How Anyone Can Learn Arabic In Record Time With Proven Shortcuts

December 09 15:40 2022

The Arabic language is not as difficult as you may think. Many people have labeled Arabic a very challenging language because they are learning the wrong type of Arabic.

Kareem M, the founder of the School of Yalla, explains how the Arabic language consists of two main types of Arabic:

  1. Standard Arabic: This is the Arabic that is taught in academic institutions and used during formal situations such as news broadcasts, official speeches, and any formal setting but is not really used in your day-to-day common conversations. 

  1. Conversational/Dialect Arabic: This is the Arabic that is used for your everyday conversations with friends, family, and practically anyone else that is part of your standard daily interactions at work, at the grocery store, in taxi cabs, etc.

The first type of Arabic typically referred to as Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is, as the name suggests, standard, meaning the same across all countries of the Middle East. 

However, the challenge with Modern Standard Arabic is that it is rarely spoken in your daily interactions. 

Kareem from the School of Yalla believes that the goal of learning a language is to better communicate with people of that language and the people around you. That’s why in most cases, his online academy focuses on the simpler, more practical, and useful Arabic – Conversational Arabic – rather than Modern Standard Arabic.

Of course, every person will have different goals. For Kareem and his online courses at the School of Yalla, students have been coming to him to learn Arabic so they can better communicate with people around them.

Kareem is on a mission to demystify all there is to know about Arabic learning and help more people learn the right kind of Arabic to match their needs while making learning Arabic fun, easy and, most importantly, possible.

To discover more about Kareem and his work to make learning Arabic possible for anyone, check out his website here:

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