Fearless Rock Fusion Creative 3Mind Blight Launches Piercingly Honest New Single ‘Love Sick’

July 01 16:21 2022

Sublime electric guitar work of grunge-soaked depth and atmospheric embrace starts up the deeply contemplative, ever-expressive new single from Tulsa’s creative kingpin 3Mind Blight.

Releasing July 7th, the new single ‘Love Sick’ drives with the unmistakable vocal honesty, grit and soulful intensity of 3Mind Blight, and proceeds to craft a nostalgic web of hardrock meets heavy metal, as per the evolving energy and angst of the lyrics.

Musically immersive for its melodic appeal and the equally enchanting ache of the performance, ‘Love Sick’ balances thoughtful delicacy and explosive power across a post-four-minute lifespan. Meanwhile, our protagonist delves into the darker parts of time’s impact on emotions and purpose within this world.

‘Shifting through the ashes of this wasted life’ resounds poetically, as the singer unavoidably accepts this new found sense of brokenness and isolation amidst the sickness of love.

Mike Bouchér – known on the scene as 3Mind Blight – indie’s breakthrough rock fusion act, devoted to the authenticity and integrity of meaningful, fearlessly uninhibited songwriting, consistently delivers music that’s both deeply moving and fiercely unpredictable.

Following on from the increasing success and vulnerability of genre-rule-breaking releases like the uniquely produced ‘Subliminal’, the gentle and heartbreaking ‘Halo’, and the relentlessly versatile, sharp-witted and high-octane explosion ‘Blight Side’, ‘Love Sick’ once again breathes new life into the alternative rock scene.

Whatever the style, the 3Mind Blight voice in both lyric and tone forever meets the needs of each story and sentiment. As such, the depth and longing of ‘Love Sick’ screams out on behalf of pain, misery and acceptance, for all who’ve struggled with similar emotional turbulence.

Pre-save ‘Love Sick’ here. Check out 3Mind Blight on Spotify, Soundcloud, Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

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