Aussie Digital ecosystem has come up to reshape and improve the e-commerce industry.

May 16 21:45 2022

Aussie Digital is ready to introduce its game changing e-commerce ecosystem backed by the digital token called “AUD Coin” This next-generation ecosystem has a different set of tools required to start and run as online business. Tradezy is our new e-commerce platform, which is also linked with our Tradedo exchange. It will play a vital role in streamlining the process for those who want to deal in crypto coins. Tradezy e-commerce is backed by built-in SEO tools and our integrated social networking platform and Chatezy which will help store owners promote their online business to the next level.


Tradezy crypto supported eplatform

Stade is a trusted crypto supported e-commerce platform that allows business owners to set up their online store with the benefits of accepting fiat (traditional currency) and cryptocurrency payments it also consists of a set of tools that help in expanding their business online. Tradezy is an Amazon and eBay inspired ecommerce marketplace platform that will revolutionize the way customers and sellers communicate and trade. This e-commerce platform was designed with the aim of supporting small business owners and start-ups that want to get their retail shop online quickly at a minimal cost. Tradezy also provides incredible reward schemes for both customers and sellers that will enhance their purchasing and selling experiences. This is a new, cutting-edge e-commerce platform packed with lots of features and tools to streamline, speedup and simplify the process of purchasing and selling.

Tradedo exchange

Tradedo is an Aussie digital’s trading platform that allows businesses and buyers to sell and buy services and products in just a few clicks using leading crypto currencies. It is a highly secured trading platform having a user friendly interface that allows crypto traders as well as newbies to trade confidently without any hassle. With this platform, traders can buy the most popular crypto coins in an easy and quick way.

Chatezy socialmedia platform

Aussie Digital’s Chatezy social media platform gives a space to the sellers and buyers where they can interact, connect, and transact. This promising social media platform enables sellers and buyers to communicate with one another. Anyone can join the Chatezy community and stay up to date on the latest Aussie Digital activities and events Furthermore, this platform will assist small businesses in discovering new ways to promote their products and services in an engaging manner. This social media platform will be beneficial for small businesses by allowing them to approach new customers and sell their offerings on social media

Aussie Digital Staking program: Grab free AUDCoins

Do you want to grab free AUD coins? If so, then the staking program is meant for you. The Aussie Digital staking program enables users to earn up to 10% commission on their staked coins on a monthly basis it is very simple to join this program. The user needs to go to their member dashboard to log in their account. After this. they need to transfer their AUD Coins to the staking wallet: You can stake your coin for a fixed time period, which can be 180 days 150 days, or 120 days Once your staked coins have matured, you can either stake them or claim them.

About Aussie Digital

Aussie Digital is a group of like-minded people who recognizes the key challenges of the e-commerce industry and developed a solution in the shape of the Tradezy e-commerce platform with Tradedo exchange platform and Chatezy social media. The blockchain-based ecommerce platform offers a ray of light to small-scale retailers manufacturers, and company owners who want to bring their offline enterprises online at a low cost.

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