Leading Voice IC manufacturer, Waytronic, on offering custom IC solutions

May 17 01:31 2022
Waytronic offers various integrated circuit designs and solutions. The tech company also provides support from development to production to ensure all client needs are met.

Waytronic Tech is an innovative IC manufacturer that is spearheading a new generation of full and semi-custom IC solutions for their clients. The company launched in 1999 and has remained consistent in its mission to create innovative technologies and applications. The team at Waytronic is dedicated to improving the quality of life for everyone through cutting-edge solutions.

What Waytronic offers

“At Waytronic, we offer various IC solutions and provide professional support from development to production. Our extensive portfolio of integrated chips and modules enables a great variety of functionalities such as playback, recording, MP3, Bluetooth, WiFi and voice recognition.”

Waytronic features Sound IC and Custom IC solutions. The IC chip line has four main categories, Audio chip, audio module, amplifier, and flash chip. The company has also developed a series of OTP Voice chips, programmable voice chip, MP3 player chip, recorder chip, Bluetooth chip under audio IC, and high-quality audio module under the audio module.  All specialties that the company excels at.

Waytronic Tech solutions

Waytronic began producing MP3 player chips through peripheral technology. Over the years and multiple technological advances later, the company has upgraded, becoming the top IC development and manufacturing company. “We are the top IC manufacturer in the market with a specialty in voice technology research, audio research, and software and hardware design.” The company’s successful run is attributed to extensive research conducted on each product and peripheral circuit development.

To ensure the highest quality of IC solutions provided, Waytronic has a 10,000 square feet chip programming facility that produces 15+ million chips every month. “3 production lines, 2 test lines, 1 full inspection line, the quality is guaranteed by layers of processes. All products have passed the test and all performance indicators are at the leading level in the industry.”

Custom IC Solutions

For custom IC solutions, Waytronics invites people to engage with their consultants. The initial technical consultation helps determine the products and services that the client needs to achieve their goals. Once that is completed, a discussion into the custom voice chip ensues where the team and the client discuss ideas. Waytronic has worked with clients like Midea, CNPC, Toyota, Galanz and more, providing innovative IC solutions for their products. The Waytronic team then works on the sample and provides one-day prototyping services. Clients also receive 24/7 technical support.

Besides its chip series of products that features sound ICs, modules, and chips used in speakers and radios, Waytronic also offers smart products. Waytronic chips feature in a range of smart products, from car electronics, security alarms, appliances, health tech, toys, pet electronics, fitness and other consumer products.

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