Money Side Up Set To Launch Finance Newsletter For Underserved Communities

January 25 23:09 2022
The Daily Finance Newsletter Helps Close the Financial Freedom Gap for Women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ Individuals.

Money Side Up is a new, groundbreaking newsletter that plans to deliver relevant and up-to-date financial information to subscribers each weekday. Set to launch February 2022, Money Side Up aims to empower community members who are underserved by the status quo of personal finance advice. Its content is produced specifically for the benefit of women, communities of color, LGBTQIA+ and individuals with disabilities.

“At Money Side Up, our mission is to help democratize access to financial information We know that women are at a huge disadvantage compared to men when it comes to wealth. Women still earn almost 20% less than their male counterparts and also face inequalities affecting their income. Even in a world with heightened social activism and a focus on closing the wealth gap, financial outcomes for women haven’t improved. It starts at the top: only 6 of 107 CEOs at largest financial institutions in the U.S. are women.* How can we affect change if we barely even have a seat at the table? That’s why we’re starting Money Side Up.” said Nicole Hoyt, co-founder and CEO of Money Side Up.

The Money Side Up team cites several significant gaps in financial freedom and access to financial resources from recent reports. A study for the US Census Bureau revealed that the gender pay gap impacts women differently across racial and ethnic groups. Compared with white men, Hispanic women were paid only 53% of what white men were paid, Black women were paid 61%, white women were paid 77% and Asian women were paid 85%.

Money Side Up also addresses financial difficulties experienced by the members of the LGBTQIA+ community. A survey by Experian in 2018 among LGBTQIA+ members showed that 62% faced financial challenges due to their identities. Many individuals report that they struggled to receive fair treatment in services such as health care, housing loans, life insurance, and employment.

Money Side Up believes the lack of racial equality in accessing financial services is a major contributing factor to the wealth gap. Money Side Up will curate content from a diverse group of voices and empower their audience by providing personal, practical and positive information on money topics.

Money Side Up welcomes subscribers at their website,

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