A Unique NFT Art Collection Offers To Pay The Bills For Its Holders For A Year

January 24 22:48 2022
A Unique NFT Art Collection Offers To Pay The Bills For Its Holders For A Year
Check out this exciting and rewarding all-new NFT art collection which promises to be a big hit with NFT enthusiasts.

United States – Busy Buddha Club is delighted to announce the launch of its brand-new collection of the iconic Buddha NFTs. It’s a utility-packed and unique NFT art collection centered around the deity Buddha; designed by a former Netflix films artist, the collection launches its genesis collection presale February 2022. Busy Buddha Club is setting a new precedent that gives more value to holders long term. A landmark collection whales are privately raving about that strives to evolve the NFT space and regain collector’s trust through deep utility. By integrating NFT with unique utility, Busy Buddha Club is propelling it into an altogether new dimension.

“We are excited to introduce our utility-packed art collection, one that truly holds its value and rewards the collector long term,” says Dr. Mackenzy Volmy, Founder of Busy Buddha Club. “Our team has put in significant efforts in the development of this awesome NFT collection that comes with some unique rewards and giveaways. I am certain collectors across the world will appreciate a collection whose priority is putting the value in their hands.”

The notable NFT collection has 9,108 Buddha designs, with unique backgrounds and features that include over 170 traits from mouths, skins, jewelry, and more. Every Buddha has been carefully drawn by a former cartoonist and sports some of the coolest designs and art in the NFT avatar space. The NFTs are available for purchase by collectors and enthusiasts of digital assets and those who like to invest in alternative asset classes.

As blockchain technology continues to grow in popularity, the use of NFTs as collectibles is also on the rise in multiple niches such as games, digital arts, trading in assets, asset management, etc. Some NFT collections have multiplied in value over a short period, making them a lucrative asset class for blockchain and NFT enthusiasts.

The global NFT market is estimated to be worth several billions of dollars. The phenomenal growth in the market has undoubtedly turned heads in the last few months. The space continues to widen with the increasing popularity of digital assets and NFT based utilities.

Busy Buddha Club has been launched with a vision to make the most of blockchain technology and NFTs by building an integrated economic and social structure coupled with a unique utility that would make it fun and appealing for digital investors.

This utility-packed NFT art collection plans to give over $500,000 in cash and prizes to reward its holders. The purpose of giveaways is to celebrate various milestones on their proposed roadmap.

Some exciting giveaways that are part of the roadmap include paying all bills for 5 holders for 12 months when 30% of the collection sells out; all expenses paid 5-day trips to Bali, Indonesia when 90% of the collection sells out; and so on.

They will also give away $100,000 for charity donation when the collection is 100% Sold Out. As part of their social commitment, they want to give back and support, in a massive way, any food shelters, mental health research, and children’s hospitals.

Holders can look forward to other benefits such as a share in proceeds from building an architecture or design in the metaverse, access to fractional blue-chip NFT collection, play-to-earn metaverse game, etc.

Busy Buddha Club NFTs offers more than just another digital asset class; it helps create a decentralized investor-owned economy, where investors get compensated through the value created by the DeFi and NFT ecosystem. Over 33 whales in the NFT space have already contacted them privately.

NFT world is full of a myriad of collectibles and tokens. The NFT investors and collectors always look for digital assets that will retain value and appreciate over time. Busy Buddha Club promises to be one such astonishing NFT collection that will reward its owners in the foreseeable future.

About Busy Buddha Club

Busy Buddha Club is a utility-packed NFT collection of 9,108 unique Buddha designs for real collectors and NFT enthusiasts.

For more information about the Busy Buddha Club NFT Collection and other inquiries, reach out via email or visit their website.

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