Carnage: An Ode to Aria Mystery Novel by N. A. Fulton now available via Amazon Kindle Unlimited

January 24 16:48 2022

Hollywood, Writer/Producer N. A. Fulton has released her latest mystery novel, Carnage: An Ode to Aria, exclusively on Amazon. It is free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers, and available for purchase by anyone at


N. A. Fulton, author of multiple books in the mystery genre, has released her latest mystery novel, Carnage: An Ode to Aria on Amazon. For more information on her work, visit

Carnage: An Ode to Aria is a Rob Gigot mystery.

A bad dream becomes a real nightmare when down-and-out Rob Gigot tries to find out who killed his ex-girlfriend. Her mother’s a Hollywood movie star, her husband’s a South American shipping magnate, and her thirteen-year-old brother is a human hand grenade. But what matters to Rob is the official story that Aria managed to shoot herself twice in the head with a shotgun.

Rob’s an ex-trust fund kid with nothing to lose. He is also a guy who won’t give up. That’s going to become a death sentence for whoever murdered Aria.

Talking about the book, the author says, “Rob is a great character to write for because he’s ironic, smart, and lives here in Los Angeles. Born in Malibu, son of a rich lawyer who defends the worst people on earth, Rob’s had a lot of exposure to the rich and famous, including the celebrities that populate Hollywood. Maybe he’s jaded. Certainly he’s no innocent. And now that he’s severed his relationship with his dad, he’s got a kind of work-hard party-way-too-hard existence. He doesn’t know he’s not rich enough to dive into the death of his ex-girlfriend. The folks who murdered her don’t know he’s ready-willing-and-able to kill.”

The author goes on to say, “Writing about life here in Tinsel Town is a trip, because there is such a strange juxtaposition between the very rich and the very poor, the exploiters and the exploited. This really is a community where wealthy folks can buy their way out of almost anything, and the bodies of the people they prey on get swept under the carpet all the time. It’s also surprising just how poor some of the rich and famous folks can be. Things most of us take for granted turn out to be impossible for them. When you have a window into this strange world, it changes how you feel about your life and it impacts how you spend your days.”

About Kindle Unlimited, Fulton says, “I am a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, and it took me a while to become one. But what sold me, and what continues to sell me, is having access to more than a million books I can read free with my membership. And the books I can read are actually the books I most want to read. I like that there are also new books all the time. As a writer, I like being able to give readers the best possible bang for their buck, and I think making my work available on Kindle Unlimited makes that easy. Obviously, anyone can buy my book on Amazon, but it’s nice to give avid readers a break through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service.”

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