BEST Inc. Offers Standard J-STD Training and IPC Solder Kits to Electronic Technicians

December 03 06:15 2021
BEST Inc. Offers Standard J-STD Training and IPC Solder Kits to Electronic Technicians
BEST Inc., a professional training company where technicians and instructors can get trained in different IPC certification courses, also offers J-STD training kits and IPC solder kits.

BEST Inc., also known as Business Electronic Soldering Technologies is a solder training company that specializes in training instructors and technicians of different companies on several IPC certification programs. Some of the courses they offer include hand soldering, PCB rework, wire, and harness assembly. They have training centers that are located throughout the Midwest and South, and they are also well-known as the only training center on wheels. By this, they are able to go to the locations of their clients and train them using all the proper training equipment.

In response to a query about their services, the spokesperson of BEST Inc. commented, “We have trained thousands of industry professionals in the last 20 years. All our classes are taught by well-grounded instructors who not only know the theory but, have also performed the soldering techniques thousands of times. You can be sure to get the best training services from us always”.

As a professional solder training company and a leader in IPC training technology, the quality of BEST Inc’s training ensures that those trained by them are able to demonstrate to their current and potential customers that their company places emphasis on rigorous quality control practices. Some of their IPC courses on offer include: IPC online certification, IPC certification renewal, PCB assembly STD, IPC 7711/21, J-STD-001 certification, IPC A-610 CIT training IPC-A 600 CIS training, and lots more. Also, technicians looking forward to buy J-STD training kit can also contact BEST Inc.

The spokesperson of BEST Inc. further commented, “The IPC J-STD-001 training program is widely recognized in the electronics industry, and to crown it all, just in the first 5 years of the certification program, the program has produced thousands of J-STD-001 Class “A” technicians and instructors. Technicians who go through this course are offered credentials that make them stand out amongst many other technicians in the electronics industry. Other benefits of this training and certification program include: the opportunity to learn more about future problems and standard technological equipment to tackle them, increased productivity, the trust of more clients is gained, the ability to provide trusted and industry-standard solutions, among others. Contact us today if interested in the IPC J-STD-001 training program, and we can assure you of the best training sessions!”

BEST Inc. offers thorough solder training that is based on the latest IPC J-STD-001 requirements, and it is for clients who want to ensure that solder connections are reliable and fit perfectly for the application in which they are needed. More so, BEST Inc’s solder training class involves component identification, component handling, and proper component lead preparation, soldering of diodes, resistors, DIPs, connectors, capacitors, and other through-hole devices. To get J-STD 001 training kit, technicians can reach out to BEST Inc.  

About BEST Inc.:

BEST Inc. is a well-known solder training company that certifies both instructors and technicians of various companies in various IPC programs. Their years of experience in the spec and training committee has enabled them to teach in detail the rationale behind the different specifications processes needed to implement changes on IPC specifications to ensure lasting results. Companies that would like to buy IPC solder kits can also contact them via their website.

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