Beyond NFT, the Emergence of a NFT Community in the Form of a Monthly Membership

October 08 03:31 2021
Beyond NFT, the Emergence of a NFT Community in the Form of a Monthly Membership

The great success of the pfp NFT project represented by Cryptopunk and BAYC, which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars each, led to the participation of various artists in blockchain art activities. However, there has always been criticism that the purchase of the pfp NFT collection is nothing more than a one-time purchase and formation of a community for price manipulation as a means of speculation.

In the meantime, a project to create a continuous collection with interest in the value of sustainable art NFT has been attracting attention. Painting Ape Yacht Club (PAYC), inspired by famous ape images, introduced a subscription-based NFT community model that adds a new style of ape painting every month to its collection. They will present one new painting every month for the next 36 months through NFT. This is not a centralized structure where all paintings are decided in advance, but they have elements that allow community members who own the initial collection to vote on new artists to participate every month and participate in the operation of the project. Through this, all members were encouraged to involve in the project in the long term for the continuous influx of artists and quality control of community works.

The pre-minting, starting on the 11th of this month (10 AM PST), is a pre-sale for the first ape painting of this PAYC collection. This is the SakuraApe collection influenced by the Japanese style of Sakura painting, expressing the ape in a monotonous black and white style and creating paintings with unique characteristics. Also included in the collection are paintings that pay homage to various anime characters influenced by Japanese culture. Having this first SakuraApe represents the right to vote and participate in the process of selecting new artists from this community over the next 36 months, while also signing up for a subscription membership for the next month’s work. They also announced on their roadmap that they would service a pavilion where they could display their collections on Roblox in the future.

So, COO Bradson of PAYC labs defines his project as a monthly NFT membership. He explained, “Our focus is to constantly discover new artists and introduce them to the NFT community. Also, this process is not done solely by our PAYC labs. The future direction of PAYC will be decided according to the decision between the holders of SakuraApe, the first membership coupon.”

This unique NFT membership subscription system of PAYC labs drew attention from the NFT community in that it can own dozens of NFTs with one participation and is a platform where owners can actively participate. In less than five days after the project was introduced, over 3,000 people joined the Discord community. Prior to the pre-sale, PAYC labs is running an event to give early participant benefits to Discord community contributors, and this information can be additionally checked through –

Additional information about SakuraApe, PAYC’s first membership coupon, can be found on the website –

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