Dynamic sister duo opens new exclusive exhibit WOMANISH in Miami to celebrate women

October 06 22:06 2021
WOMANISH Miami extends a culturally-inclusive safe space for women where they will be able to connect with fellow women, empower each other and celebrate their unique “Ish”.

Miami, Florida – October 06, 2021 – Two visionary sisters, Dionna and Danyelle Gray, have recently opened a new exclusive exhibit in Miami with the mission to celebrate women and highlight their unique perspectives. Titled “WOMANISH”, the exhibit is aimed to create a culturally-inclusive safe space for women that would provoke imagination, conversation, and bring change by  breaking the single-definition stereotypes that have been attached to women since centuries. The Miami exhibit is the latest and second outlet for WOMANISH, after the highly popular 5-floor WOMANISH exhibit in Chicago. 

The Miami WOMANISH exhibit is located at 317 NW 28th Street. The exhibit was launched in July 2021 and will run through December 31, 2021. Tickets for registering with WOMANISH Miami are available now. 

Hours of operation: 

Wednesday – Friday: 3 p.m. – 9 p.m. 

Saturday & Sunday: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. 

WOMANISH Miami covers a sprawling area of 5,000 square foot dreamland where women (and others too) from all walks of life are welcome to share their dreams and visions. The exhibit extends a unique multi-level immersive experience through contemporary art, cool Insta-worthy moments, and a thought-provoking interactive adventure. 

“We are excited to share with you all that we have recently launched our WOMANISH Miami exhibit that will run through December 31. We had a great experience at Chicago WOMANISH and we wanted to bring the same glorious experience for our fellow sisters in Miami as well”, stated the founders. 

The exhibit allows registered guests to host events and book private photoshoots. Guests are also welcome to apply for partnerships. 

Per the statements of the founders, WOMANISH is more than an exhibit. Rather, it’s a movement which aims to celebrate unique perspectives of women in a safe culturally-inclusive space.  

“WOMANISH has been launched with the ethos to extend a friendly and encouraging place for our fellow sisters where they can connect with and celebrate each other. Put simply, at WOMANISH, we encourage all our guests to discover and make the most of their ‘ISH’ – the uniqueness that makes them ‘them’. WOMANISH is all about exploring fresh perspectives, embracing new identities, and becoming a proud member of a progressive and inspirational community.” 

“Likewise, we want to take advantage of the fact that we are in the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month to reiterate our support to all those women who have suffered from this disease. Not only this month but all of them we should raise awareness and reduce the stigma of breast cancer through education on prevention, early detection, and treatment.” 

While asked about the inspiration behind WOMANISH, the Gray sisters mentioned an app they were working on for 6 years.

“Interestingly, the idea behind WOMANISH was partly influenced by an app that we both were working on for 6 years. The app was focused on creating a safe space online for women where they can connect with and empower each other as well as build up a strong community with mutual collaboration. Unfortunately, the app part did not work out. But the thought stayed and eventually motivated us to regroup and bring about the same concept yet this time in a physical location. Thus, WOMANISH was born to create a dedicated space for women where they can come together to connect, feel a sense of community, and feel celebrated.” 

For more information, please visit https://tickets.wearewomanish.com/tickets/womanish-miami

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