Garbage-Picking CEO Celebrates World Cleanup Day With An Inspirational Video

September 15 20:39 2021
Garbage-Picking CEO Celebrates World Cleanup Day With An Inspirational Video

FOR 30 years, New York Times bestselling author Ron Kaufman has been picking up trash along his daily 5-kilometer walking route. This year, in honor of World Cleanup Day on September 18, he’s also released a video about his daily habit, in hopes that others too will be inspired to leave their communities a little better than before.

“We’re facing such overwhelming environmental and social challenges right now,” says Kaufman. “But we can each do something. That’s the message I want to send. Any action we take to improve the places that we live and work makes a difference. And if everybody commits to making their part of the world just a little better every day… well, that would be a powerful movement.”

Kaufman has long been committed to serving others. An internationally recognized expert in customer service, he has spent the last three decades teaching businesses how to take better care of their employees, their customers, and the communities in which they operate. 

“Each one of us can take responsibility for the problems we see around us,” explains Kaufman. “It’s not my garbage, but by picking it up, I’m taking responsibility. And I’m serving those that come along behind me. I take great joy in that.”

Kaufman’s garbage-collecting is not limited to dry land. An avid scuba diver, Kaufman brings a mesh trash bag on every dive – and he seeks to leave every reef better than he found it. Over the years, his actions have produced a ripple effect that he finds inspiring.

“When my wife and I dive with other people, they often see what we’re doing and start to participate. Especially kids. Kids often help us sort the trash afterward, and sometimes they’ll even take a spare collection bag on their own dives. To me, that’s so powerful. Together, we’re creating a shared responsibility for our oceans.”

Kaufman’s new video, “Leave This Place Better Than You Found It,” is another way of creating shared responsibility. “I hope others will see this video and begin to take action – no matter how small – to leave their piece of the world a little better than they found it,” Kaufman says.

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