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September 14 17:18 2021
We help local businesses in Sacramento leverage their social media platforms.

The year is 2021. Social media is bigger now than it has ever been. Businesses rely heavily on social media to grow financially, but it takes strategic planning and eye-catching content to do this effectively. It’s for reasons like this that social media has created millions of jobs globally.

An example of social media creating successful job sectors is the creation of BLACKTAPE Company.

BLACKTAPE Company is a social media agency created to help local businesses in Sacramento leverage their social media platforms to translate internet traffic into business success.

In the age of viral social media content, hiring social media experts to create potentially viral content for businesses can be the difference between a slow day at work, and the busiest day in the store’s history.

Businesses have long since caught on to the impact that social media has on business growth. In 2013, Mercedes Benz conducted a very successful Instagram marketing campaign where they hired five top instagram photographers to create content for them. The photographer who received the most likes for their content won a Mercedes Benz.

While one photographer won a car, Mercedes Benz won valuable social media engagement. By the end of the campaign, they received:

87,000,000 organic Instagram impressions

2,000,000 Instagram likes

150 new marketing assets

We see examples daily of high-impact social media engagement, like for example, Dove commercials. Their tear-jerking campaigns have geared towards making women feel confident in their bodies, and these relatable commercials have driven Dove to 800 million social media impressions.

Creating eye-catching content that increases audience engagement is what BLACKTAPE specializes in. From their local management team here in Sacramento to their remote content creators in The Philippines, this social media agency manages existing social media while offering additional services like podcast creation and show production.

If you own a business and are interested in leveraging your social media, contact BLACKTAPE company at [email protected] or visit to set up a consultation.

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