The Next Generation Social Approach FunTapi is Here to Change How People Connect

September 14 02:48 2021
Network better with FunTapi, sharing socials, music, and everything else with a single tap!

Digital business cards have changed the way people provide contact information to others. However, they neither make connecting easier nor faster. The world is on the go, networking is more important than ever, and it has undoubtedly become more complex too. There is hardly enough time to go from meeting someone to following them on Twitter to making a LinkedIn connection. A faster, more accessible networking tool is needed to ensure nobody misses an opportunity to connect, socialize, collaborate. FunTapi, the next-generation digital business card, is the solution to all the twenty-first-century networking needs that no other gadget, app, or plugin has ever provided. It lets everyone with a smartphone whatever, whenever, and wherever they like and do it with a single tap!

FunTapi, a next-generation social approach, is a small tag that is to be placed on the back of a smartphone. It enables users to instantly share their social media profiles, payment platform details, music playlists, etc., by simply tapping their phone on a compatible device. The FunTapi app’s profile is transferred to the other device that does not need the tag or the app to receive the information. From there on, it’s a one-click connect everywhere.  

FunTapi understands the need for customization because one person can use different socials for different purposes. So, this next-generation digital business card enables selection through a newly patented FunTapi Direct feature. It lets the user find and connect with anyone or any selected social instantly. From students to creators, PR professionals to athletes, FunTapi is for everyone. It’s a one-tap next-generation social approach changing how people connect. The user can curate a profile and identity the way they like it. Adding to the identity part is the option to customize the tag. Users can either purchase a design from the official website or connect with the FunTapi design team to fully customize their tag reflecting their brand. FunTapi knows what persona means to network. That’s why it has upped the customization and profile selection features. 

The FunTapi mobile app is available on all major smartphone app stores. It’s a quick download, easy-to-use, and even easier to customize. PayPal, VISA, and MasterCard are all accepted! Connect with the world with a small tag and a single tap, share socials, music, or payment platform details without a hassle, and most importantly, make an impression that lasts! 

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