Sprucing Up Corrupt Quickbooks Files with E-Tech’s File Repair

September 13 15:50 2021

Brandon, MB – September 13, 2021 – When a data file grows larger than acceptable file limits, data cannot be kept in order.


The Balance Sheet provides a peak of what data corruption would look like.  If the total Assets do not equal total Liabilities and Equity, this would be a clear indication of possible data corruption. If Net Income, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and other balance sheet balances do not tie in with other reports, a corrupt file is more than likely. A corrupt file can also cause issues with other programs that use automatic sync managers to connect to QuickBooks.

Data corruption can be prevented by taking advantage of the “File Condense” functionality that helps reduce the size of a file. The process creates Journal Entries that summarizes the monthly activity and removes all transaction before a certain date. While more effective than the previous, this method takes longer to perform because it requires entry of Opening Balance and Outstanding AP, AR and Banking once complete.

Another way to prevent data corruption would be to start a new QuickBooks file with Opening Balances. This will provide the most significant reduction in file size.

The Verify and Rebuild Data Tool is a built-in feature available with QuickBooks Desktop that help correct fix minor issues with company files.

Other methods that can proactively reduce the risk of corruption would be to keep file size of QuickBooks Pro at 200MB and 450MB for QuickBooks Enterprise, keeping the QuickBooks installation up to date, investing in hardware such as storage and RAM to store data, and performing a routine backup of the QuickBooks database.

QuickBooks Repair Pro specializes in the repair of damaged QuickBooks data files from any version of QuickBooks from version 1 for DOS to the latest Pro, Premier, Accountant, and Enterprise version.

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