AppDiggity offers a Comprehensive and Versatile Muscle Building App for professionals and enthusiasts alike

September 13 14:06 2021
AppDiggity is an American company that is focused on developing all-encompassing self-improvement apps.

Brad Kilmkowski, the Founder and CEO of AppDiggity, has launched AppDiggity with Adam Meyer, the lead developer and co-founder of the brand, intending to help people overcome their addictions, gain healthier habits, and grow. 

Brad and Adam state that their “passion for helping others” has led them to create apps to help people with addictions and fitness. 

AppDiggity apps have received numerous awards and have reshaped the lives of thousands of individuals across the globe; the apps are remarkably easy to use and packed with advanced features, allowing users to set customizable goals, track a plethora of relevant parameters, and gain instant feedback in real-time as any progress is made. 

The brand also offers a wealth of muscle-building informational posts on its blog. Visitors of the site and customers can freely access it to learn more about different workout routines, exercises, diet plans, and various regimes.

AppDiggity is also actively working on creating a healthy community for fitness enthusiasts and individuals who are struggling with addictions; the brand is frequently uploading encouraging and empowering posts, as well as educational content regarding innovative exercises, interesting ways to use workout gear, and area-specific training tips. 

The All Workouts: Personal Trainer is one of AppDiggity’s crowning achievements. This widely acclaimed app was designed to help people build muscle while burning fat at the same time, and as the company’s CEO states, this particular app helped him build 55 pounds of lean muscles in record time. 

The app features more than 100 built-in exercises, multiple integrated workout plans, as well as the option to create personalized custom workout plans. The High-Intensity Interval Training workout plans are specifically designed to overcome fat-related challenges rapidly. 

AppDiggity’s All Workouts: Personal Trainer was warmly received by thousands of satisfied users, many of which have claimed that it helped them turn their lives around. Jeffrey R. had stated that “All Workouts: Personal Trainer whipped me right into shape!” while Liz James posted “Truly life-changing apps! Both addiction apps and workout apps.”

Mar89 posted a wholesome review on the Apple Store, stating:

“This app has a couple of really useful features for tracking workouts and also provides recommended daily exercises based on the number of days a week you can work out. There is useful information about different workout equipment too. I’m excited to use this app to help achieve my fitness goals!”

The intuitive design of the user interface backed with brilliantly designed features was the seemingly simple combination that proved to be beyond successful. All of All Workouts: Personal Trainer features are straightforward, but at the same time they are superiorly effective as they were designed by a team of highly experienced veteran bodybuilders.

More information about AppDiggity can be found on the brand’s official website.

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