PTD Fitness is Leading Dubai’s Fitness Industry

July 14 22:34 2021
A team of high level professional athletes and coaches with Masters in Sport and Physical Education that are committed to helping people lose weight and live better.

Many people struggle to get in shape because of their busy schedules and fast-paced lifestyles. This is experienced not only by professionals and people working 9 to 5 jobs but also by a lot of stay at home parents and full time students. Although work, studies, and family are important aspects of a person’s life, health should never take a backseat. Whatever situation people find themselves into, it’s important that they find time to exercise and incorporate movement into their daily routines.

Having the will and motivation to exercise is one thing, but staying disciplined and committed to the process is another. The truth is, many people actually find themselves getting stuck or even lost in the middle of their fitness journeys due to lack of adherence and frustration. What most beginners fail to understand is that doing random workouts everyday can only do so much. Having a qualified coach who will provide a structured and personalized training program is essential to remain consistent with workouts and eventually see results. Regardless of their personal goals – whether it’s weight loss, strength building, or mental development – Personal Trainers Dubai, also known as PTD Fitness, can help anyone undergo a total mind and body revolution.

With its personalized approach to training, PTD Fitness has grown its clientele to over 2,000 people within Dubai alone, working mostly with entrepreneurs, consultants, and busy moms. They offer personalized solutions to long-term concerns, such as weight loss, sugar addiction, lack of strength and energy to do particular tasks, and lack of confidence, among many others. Despite one’s busy schedule, PTD Fitness’s incredible team will always look for ways to keep its clients on track.

As UAE’s premium solution for weight loss, strength building, and mental development, PTD Fitness offers a holistic approach to weight loss – from nutrition to balanced workouts. It also makes sure it’s run by body transformation experts that are high level professional athletes and coaches with Master degrees in Sport and Physical Education. In fact, all coaches are handpicked and are working full time to provide clients with top notch services. Joining PTD Fitness also provides a lot of convenience and flexibility, with its 24/7 WhatsApp support, option to train at any location in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and flexible hours.

“We are all about bringing people in the best shape of their lives,” says the team behind PTD Fitness. At the moment, they are expanding in other emirates and in Saudi Arabia.

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About PTD Fitness

PTD Fitness, also known as Personal Trainers Dubai, is a brand of Yin Young Sports Services registered in Dubai and is a premiere personal training fitness provider in the United Arab Emirates.

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