CMFA Offers Scientific Approach To Acting Success

January 18 07:27 2021
Casting director Faith Hibbs-Clark uses psychology and communication to help actors excel.

Faith Hibbs-Clark, the founder of Communication Methods for Actors (CMFA), was a deception detection expert prior to becoming a casting director, and she quickly noticed that training for actors could provide much more consistent and successful outcomes with a science-based approach. That’s the entire idea behind her company and success story.

Hibbs-Clark has been a casting director for more than 20 years, and through her experiences, she has developed a unique method for training actors. In fact, her techniques and their success have been at the center of interviews with some of the industry’s biggest publications, such as Casting Networks News.

While there are many acting methods, Hibbs-Clark has created a strategy that isn’t focused so much on aspects such as character immersion or back story; instead, Hibbs-Clark works to identify and place focus on how the actor is perceived. “Actors are encouraged to encode and reverse engineer their performances with body language and to use scientific concepts that will help to evoke feelings in the mind of the receiver,” said Hibbs-Clark.

The Communication Method For Actors is a one-of-a-kind approach to training actors that presents a uniform, logical sequence of steps and training that can be absolutely mastered and reproduced. Rather than banking on good luck in finding the right match for a role, The Communication Method For Actors is a science-based technique that offers consistency.

Using this technique, actors can also focus on the training they’ve been given and the strategies they have learned as opposed to caving under the pressure of an audition. Hibbs-Clark has worked with a long list of actors and actresses, including many A-listers.

CMFA has grown to offer a number of services for aspiring actors, including online acting workshops, private sessions, and masters retreats for a total immersion experience.

One client said, “If you are tired of not getting callbacks, bookings, or feel stuck, literally look no further!”

According to Hibbs-Clark, this methodology isn’t just applicable to acting. It can be applied to anyone who wants to physically manifest something positive. Hibbs-Clark is now accepting new clients, and this extends to virtually anyone who wants to try something new – whether they are acting or just living normal day to day lives and looking for inspiration. Hibbs-Clark looks forward to helping new clients start 2021 fresh. More information can be found at

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CMFA (Communication Method for Actors) leverages science to help actors reach their maximum potential in their art.

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