The Helix Collection introduces the Most Innovative Charger. 100% Tangle-proof as attested by major tech companies

November 19 04:38 2020
Say goodbye to tangled chargers and hello to The Helix. The Helix Collection is taking the tech industry by storm, gaining popularity globally for its uniquely designed cellular chargers.

They solved the most frustrating part about every charger to ever exist, tangles. No one can stand when their chargers tangle, it happens every single time, and it’s inevitable. Regardless of it, people stuff a bunch of them in their bag or simply leave one placed on their desk. Somehow the chargers seem to tangle, and this happens to everyone. The Helix Collection is solving that exact problem. The charging capabilities are nothing short of incredible, charging the devices exceptionally fast. Quite amazed to witness it first-hand and watch how fast it charges the technology. “My colleagues at work have taken it upon themselves to “borrow” my Helix charger every chance they can until their package arrives in the mail. Solving my tangled cords issue and looking sleek all while offered at an inexpensive price point, you can’t go wrong,” said one user. 

The amount of praise this company is receiving all over social platforms and amongst workplaces is incredible. “I cannot bring this charger anywhere without receiving compliments and people asking, “Where did you get this?” or “I want one”,” says another user.  Must be quite an exciting year for The Helix Collection and it will be very interesting to see what is in store for their future. Definitely worth checking out and investing in.

With Christmas around the corner, this would most certainly be a great stocking stuffer or gift for a friend or family member. Very inexpensive with soaring deals to people who buy their bundle. Can’t go wrong with an item like this. Not only will people feel better with its use, but it will make that desk or bedside table clutter-free and appealing. Also, it provides for an awesome fidget toy? It’s a win-win.

Visit their website and reward yourself with a sleek and innovative charger of your own at Please join their instagram of 10,000+ followers @TheHelix Collection

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