‘Biofilm’ that causes 80% of infectious skin problems can be solved by an ampoule developed by Korea Research Institute

October 12 20:21 2020

The Korea Research Institute has announced a revolutionary new solution for targeting “biofilm,” a residual compound that causes 80 percent of infectious skin problems worldwide. The proprietary solution has been developed in the form of an ampoule, or a small sealed vial with a serum applicator, to directly target and decompose components of “biofilm” on contact.

The revolutionary solution lies in HB-1, a special complex that includes cutting-edge research into asiatic acid, polygonum cuspidatum, royal jelly, camellia sinensis, and other compounds to cut through colonies of skin bacteria. The result is formulated to deliver deep moisture and nutrition to the skin, restoring the skin’s natural barrier to create clearer and more radiant skin with natural strength. Embracing clean ingredients, the Institute has shown HB-1 to help chronic skin problems through daily applications, and recently concluded the first human application tests in Korea’s Official Clinical Institution (OATC) with promising results. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), more than 80 percent of persistent bacterial infections are estimated to involve biofilm, indicating the relationship between biofilm and chronic infection more serious than ever.

HecnbioScience, a research institute in Korea that studies the mechanisms of bacteria to solve the skin problems of modern times, was the pioneer of HB-1. In development stages, the company studied hundreds of thousands of biofilm-related papers and ingredients to develop “Effectem D: Ampoule.” Paying attention to the resistant characteristics of biofilm, research and innovation allowed for the creation of a solution that penetrates biofilm to kill bacteria and decompose or invade via a special complex. 

Today, HecnbioScience continues to accelerate the commercialization of biocosmetics into various product lines, starting with the release of ampoules, toners, and creams to solve chronic skin problems, as has been proven with HB-1. To learn more, please visit DirtPhobia.com.

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