Black Tech Startup Accelerator Raises $225 Million

September 15 21:34 2020

Good news for Fintech startups, the Black Unicorn Factory in Los Angeles has raised an historic funding for an African American Startup Accelerator program. It’s historic because on 1% of venture capital in invested in African American businesses each year. In spit of the lack of funding being provided they have found a revolutionary way to raise capital. It’s taken eight long years perfecting this game changing strategy that transforms startups into billion-dollar tech companies or “unicorns”. This comes on the back of their revolutionary new mobile application that is scheduled to be launched in October called  “Follow me for Equity“. “This is our nation’s first African American Unicorn Startup Accelerator program ever nothing has ever happened like this in the history of Venture Capital for an African American Fintech startup, But more are to follow,“ says CEO Johnny Stewart. 

The Black Unicorn Factory takes center stage as America’s first African American owned billion-dollar Fintech startup Accelerator. After spending many years on the periphery, the team at the Black Unicorn Factory has perfected startup growth hacking strategy that is revolutionary in that it is able to provide  rapid accelerated growth to startups to grow exponentially profitably without the need for a large infusion of venture capital. The Black Unicorn Factory has also developed a new game changing investing app is called the “Follow Me for Equity. It is the only investing app on the market that does not require any money to invest in Pre IPO stocks. “Now the average American can invest by simply following a Pre IPO startup on it’s social media and earn equity” This is a game changer in investing. No longer will not having any money hold people back from investing. There are over 40 investing apps on the market and every one of them requires money to invest, but not our “Follow Me for Equity“ app,” says Stewart.  

Championed by CEO, Johnny Stewart of the, Black Unicorn Factory this revolutionary cashless investing mobile application will allows just about anyone to invest in their pre IPO startups without the use of any capital, all they have to do is follow the Unicorn Startup on social media.  Interested parties can get in on it by following any of the companies under the tutelage of Black Unicorn Factory. In return, participants will earn “sweat equity” which is said to translate to actual Pre IPO stocks of companies on a clear path to go public on the New York and Nasdaq stock exchanges. Considering that investments in unicorns companies was once reserved for the rich or Accredited investors but do to the J.O.B.S. Act all that has changed and now anyone in the world can invest in pre IPO stocks which yield huge financial returns. 

Despite being new to the “unicorn” status, the Black Unicorn Factory is moving quick to ensure that every business has a fair chance at becoming a billion-dollar company. Thanks to its aggressive business development plan, every unicorn company under Black Unicorn Factory is not just in the process of becoming a Unicorn but is also on a clear path to going public.

History is made all the time, and today, Johnny Stewart and the team at Black Unicorn Factory have all eyes on them as their bold plan to change the game unravels. Evidently, their plan is effective and repeatable, says Stewart.  Maybe one day, Mr. Stewart will let the world in on this secret business to rapid scale business development that will make this accelerator appealing to tech startups and investors.

“This is a real game-changer in Financial Technology,” said John Stewart, President, and CEO of Black Unicorn Factory. “This is the first time the average hard-working, paycheck to paycheck earner, can invest in Billion-Dollar Tech Startups that were once reserved for the rich and absolutely no money or capital. This is going to be big,” John continued.

Black Unicorn Factory has an impressive portfolio and client base that welcomes all people. 

About Black Unicorn Factory

Black Unicorn Factory is located in the LAX area of Los Angeles, California and is founded by a team of Growth Hacking experts lead by one of our nation’s best kept secrets, Johnny Stewart, who is an author, speaker, philanthropist, investor, and serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in growth hacking of startups. This African American owned company is a first of its kind and specializes in turning  small startups to the public stock market ready Unicorns that are not just valuable but profitable.

For more information about Black Unicorn Factory, its unicorns, and the “Follow Me for Equity” program, use the media contact outlets below.

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