Santa Rosa Commercial Tree Clearing Firm, Atlas Tree & Landscape, Inc., Takes On Any Size Project

August 17 23:57 2020
Santa Rosa Commercial Tree Clearing Firm, Atlas Tree & Landscape, Inc., Takes On Any Size Project
Atlas Tree & Landscape offers tools and skills to clear the land of trees, vines, brush, and wood. They also can remove stumps for planting preparation or landscape design services.

Atlas Tree & Landscape, Inc is pleased to announce that the Santa Rosa commercial tree clearing firm is prepared to take on a project of any size, when it comes to clearing trees, brush, vines, wood and other growth from a plot of land. There are several reasons why the landowner might need to have plant growth removed from the property. While it may seem like an easy task, tree removal can be hazardous for those individuals who do not have the proper equipment and training.

The reasons for removing the growth of this type can include aesthetic appeal. Landowners might have a plot of land which has too many trees or poorly arranged trees. Clearing a few judiciously placed trees may help the remaining growth to be healthy. Open spaces allow for gardens, flower beds, and other plantings that may require moving or eliminating existing plants of all sizes.

If the land is to be put to alternative use, it may require the removal of existing trees. Area covered with a brush is not usually considered appropriate for raising crops such as grapes or row crops. Conversely, aging orchards and vineyards must be removed in order to re-purpose the land for building or planting other types of crops.

While some livestock animals are utilized to clear certain types of growth, using animals is not likely to result in the complete removal of large growth trees. The landowner is unlikely to appreciate areas where old-growth trees have toppled, leaving roots exposed. This type of clearing required special treatment.

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Atlas Tree & Landscape has trained and experienced tree specialists to accomplish these tasks safely. The equipment is appropriate for safe tree care, whether it is a single tree or an entire forest. The techniques are designed to protect the safety of employees, clients, property, and pets.

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