Anurag Rai Launches Mastermind Focused on Empowering Individuals to Find Clarity in Uncertain Times

August 17 20:03 2020
Anurag Rai Launches Mastermind Focused on Empowering Individuals to Find Clarity in Uncertain Times
Anurag offers a unique coaching program through Superhuman University to reprogram the Mind

August 17, 2020 – Anurag is the founder of Superhuman In You and now he has announced that he will be launching a unique coaching program for selected few clients. He will be leveraging his knowledge of meditation and mind control, which he has used to build multiple successful businesses while juggling between a corporate job and a young family.

As a Mind Coach, Anurag specializes in helping individuals achieve their true potentials by clearing the limiting beliefs from their brain and reprogramming it for success.

Through Superhuman University Anurag will offer one on one coaching that promises to give a customized action plan for each client based on a weekly diagnosis call. Each client will receive an in-depth consultation that allows Anurag to fully understand the specific needs and pain points of the client’s life. The client will then be given a personalized eBook and video resources which will give a step by step action plan for the week.

Research suggests that when individuals enter the flow state, they significantly boost their performance. ABM & DAPRA report a 490% improvement in learning speed. The University of Sydney noted 430% enhancement in creative problem-solving skills. McKinsey & Co found a 500% increase in productivity.

Anurag carefully assesses the needs of each client and crafts a personalized action plan for them that is designed to increase their performance in all areas of life. More information can be found at

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Anurag Rai is a Mind Coach focused on helping entrepreneurs and professionals to reprogram their minds by using meditation and mindfulness techniques. So, they live a happier healthier, and more fulfilled life.

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