A Gripping Sci-Fi Adventure: Author Joel J. Bledsoe Announces Release Of Latest Novel, The Ascension: Birth of a Phantom

August 11 20:20 2020

11 August, 2020 – Joel J. Bledsoe, an independent Sci-Fi author, recently announced the release of his new science fiction novel, The Ascension: Birth of a Phantom. Self-published in March 2020, The Ascension: Birth of a Phantom has been gaining popularity in recent months for its gripping Sci-Fi storyline and fast-paced plot developments that keep readers around the world on the edge of their seats.

A 328-page novel, The Ascension: Birth of a Phantom takes readers into a dark world where the United States government loses contact with a secret research facility in Alaska. Taking drastic measures to reestablish contact with the facility, the U.S. government’s elite military unit, Task Force X-Ray, is dispatched to Alaska. But from the start, trouble arises and the elite unit quickly discovers that the only way home is forward. Locating the facility and traveling deep inside, the unit discovers illegal experimentations and science gone wrong – evidence of work with unimaginable consequences.

Deep within, the unit crosses paths with a vengeful boy who harnesses terrifying powers and is bent on destroying the world. Caught in the middle, readers of this thrilling Sci-Fi story are kept in suspense as the odds stack against Task Force X-Ray, and the fate of the world shapes up to never be the same again.

The Ascension: Birth of a Phantom has soared in popularity among early readers. The novel has been described as gripping, tense, and thrilling, with an early Amazon reader giving the story five-stars before proclaiming, “An absolutely amazing read, I highly recommend!” Available in paperback, pick up a copy of The Ascension: Birth of a Phantom today on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble.

About Joel J. Bledsoe

Joel Jonathon Bledsoe is a Sci-Fi author. He graduated from Etiwanda High School and is currently enrolled at Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga, California, where he plans to obtain a Bachelors’ Degree in Hospitality Management. From an early age, Joel demonstrated a keen attraction to imaginary characters, many of whom he created himself, which inspired him to eventually write his own Sci-Fi novel. A product of the wonderful imagination and creativity Joel demonstrated throughout his youth, he draws further inspiration from other science fiction novels, including Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

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