Now On Kickstarter, A New Revolutionary Pro-Health Water Re-Mineralization System

August 10 16:28 2020
Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, new re-mineralization water technology that converts tap water into enhanced mineral water.

Pro-Health is the world’s first system to produce mineralized water through an automated filtering process. A smart water monitoring and dispensing system that can turn supplies of tap water into enhanced mineral water, Pro-Health provides consumers with fresh, spring-like water. As rich and as nutrient-packed as water freshly collected for mountainous regions around the world, Pro-Health allows for the precise control of mineral levels. The system is promising to revolutionize the water industry and introduce new technologies with broad applications in Singapore and beyond.

Subjecting water to a new re-mineralization process, Pro-Health infuses everyday tap water, used for drinking or cooking, with six vital nutrients or minerals. Consumers drinking or cooking with Pro-Health water are then exposed to these healthy, rich nutrients, which help to promote physical health and mental well-being. 

The lifeblood of humanity, water has been necessary for survival for all of time. With Pro-Health, traditional water is  being revitalized with new filtration and infusion technologies. Pro-Health has been pioneered by Chew Soo Yan with the help of technical and engineering teams from the Centre of [email protected] Completing a successful prototype in January 2020, the Centre validated Pro-Health for its ability to mechanically re-mineralize and alter its nutrient composition in an automated process. 

For a limited time, support Pro-Health on Kickstarter here:

Funds raised from the campaign will be used to support this new project, including associated production costs. The current plan is to raise $33,000 to pay the Centre of Innovation for the first prototype and produce 16,000 liters per month with the Pro-Health system. Support the project today for as little as S$ 10 and receive a ten-liter sample of Pro-Health mineralized water. Time is limited, so act fast.


Pro-Health is a product of Pro-Health Water Technologies Pte Ltd. Developed by Chew Soo Yan, with the help of technical and engineering teams from the Centre of [email protected], Pro-Health represents the latest in water filtration and infusion technologies. The system is expected to reshape current water filtration processes and re-mineralize the water we use for drinking and cooking with every day.

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