How to recover Word documents, excel forms, pictures, videos of desktop files deleted from the empty recycle bin from the C drive

August 08 02:34 2020

How to recover Word documents, excel forms, pictures, videos of desktop files deleted from the empty recycle bin from the C drive.

C drive is the system drive of most windows 10/7/XP users. Many users are used to putting important word documents, excel tables, pictures, videos and other files directly on the desktop, and will delete these files by mistake by shift delete, or Put these files in the recycle bin. It is also very dangerous if you accidentally empty the recycle bin. Because Disk C is used as a system disk, which is usually the NTFS file system, the deleted files can easily be overwritten by various temporary files from the system and from other software.

So, what should users do after the tragedy of accidentally deleting files on the C drive?

First of all, if you have the conditions, please shut down as soon as possible, stop using the C drive, and try to restore it on other computers.

Secondly, if there are no better conditions, then quickly download data recovery software similar to aidfile. For the C drive, time is life. Don’t worry about paid or free, and restore files quickly. Even if it fails to recover because the file was overwritten in the end, a refund is a big deal.

It is better than delaying time. Visit:

What are the advantages of aidfile? The aidfile software is very small, so downloading aidfile will not cause great coverage to your C drive, because some software will install a lot of files, which will greatly overwrite and destroy your C drive. After all, the C drive already has too much from the system. The software keeps generating temporary files.

In addition, aidfile is a pure stand-alone software, and does not collect any user information. The aidfile software does not even connect to the network server, even if you close the network, it will not affect the use of aidfile.

How to recover desktop files deleted from the empty recycle bin?

aidfile has a fast scan mode, which can quickly find deleted files. aidfile also has a powerful deep scan mode, which can solve many intractable diseases.

For the C drive, the more important thing about aidfile is that no temporary files are generated.

By the way, if you download aidfile, don’t download it to C drive or other disks where you need to restore data. aidfile can only read the disk, not write the disk, and the location where you need to save the file when restoring the file is up to you.

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